SD Moms S1E7 - Making New Mommy Friends

Friday, February 9th

This week, we're talking about making new mommy friends.


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Do you I'm just I'm ST mom amber and I have. Some exciting news and again made in different. Don't you laugh about so hard to make new friends as an adult one and it is among. I know and I was Masco having dinner at the hot dog store as my kids call I love it. Fifty perhaps not Minnesota where I get a pizza Minnesota still it's such a great deal. And mom was so nice she moved over she saw that I had the five year old a three year old and the baby. And she had a couple kids that are four years old twin. Boy and girl. You need a bit extra rooms to your baby can see in the cart over. We just started chanting away and it was the first time in my eight parenting adult life were at the end like. Aid do you want exchange not like it was weird or like. You didn't like asking each other out. You know what my sister and I she when she had her kids in they were younger she's a stay at home mom she actually had. Business cards made with her contact information. As like just. You know hurts her mommy business cards and she handed out seek other moms or other you know parents' tent you know meet up yeah like a very clever. And this mom bullets now that are 2018 like collagen there's an app for meeting other it's like they're. Okay tell me more about this app what it called it's called peanut. Maybe to get together with your little peanuts. EU summit that peanut Timmy had like what happened is that. It'd just like dating app except it's mommy showing like how many kids they have what kind of mum there're like this whole thing like. Jelly of the other moms some are. Healthy and don't want any fast food Brothers are more relaxed with banner. Know what I mean age is two of the kids make a difference. The areas because we moved to North County. And that's where all the friends I made in this area including you amber intently at thirty minutes away here. Today. And I have yet it is the U sorry. I. Like Tony and I know it's tough everybody's busy and the drive. So like I need to make friends in North Carolina. And they're since April and we have a really cool neighborhood so I go with the kids a weekly in the neighborhood. But I'm not having. Miami timer adult tying ray with these other women so it's fun to just meet someone and hit it often so now we've emailed each other ever tried to get together for a plate why you got a day. Still got a girl I don't know what I'm likely to pick up a woman that task up. It. Question did you down yeah no I didn't some wondering if it's like tease white I got it. Our I have to check it like a no I don't like the looks of her is so rightly. And the mom that I met she's downloaded it she just hasn't. Done anything with it either. But. It's easy enough for just lazy. But we should try machine to get out and try and NYNEX weak report on Philip findings that poor opponent has to be more apps that are like that you totally am for everything there is yes there's even an amp for co parenting. There's multiple parenting so yeah you can link. You're apple we're the axes app and so you can like share calendars. On you know time or can't end this stuff like that. And yeah I you use something like I've downloaded it before but like a lot of people you download apps in you start using it for a second annoying in the neatest deleted. That's how it's a gimmick it's just. Easier at tax yup. There are apps for everything and whatever coworkers who looked. Is not come she's like you have it easy you have played eight you have the let's get together for our kids take a thing. Where I am now in my thirties trying to make new friends that she's like. Speak up for our meeting different but she's like stay away from she said why and where you think it's about finding a Fred but it's really yeah hook up GAAP. Alec adult friend finder friend finder adult friend finder that just sweeteners out. Yeah. Like thirty now you know we ought to make new friends in our area to what she's like but be cautious adult friend finder is not what you bigot then. Hello Nidal. That is so funny but it's yet. Harder as you're an adult make genuine honest real connections with other adults not like you know as high school or college. It really hard to duplicate those types of relationships when your in your thirties and and a single amber where our family lives in different states yeah so people who are native to San Diego like a week. Have enough friends I don't need to make new friends where I'm like. I. Don't want and until we get totally your party. It's odd that you for coming tonight that we value admits that now I don't. And a back up and I'm lame and feel like they're amber in North County so far though her puck hit. Man on a but making friends and then following up and it's funny and it does take a little bit at time but so where you live your new friend you have a hadn't played eight plan. Known IE CU we just made the emails. That OK here's my email here's my team now and I told her what works best for me I have. Reply survived but did reach out yes you got first got that I think that's most people skip. That you know they want to have good intentions of following through led. I am again projecting my own personality I would have good intentions of following through but I wouldn't actually but you do heads out. You're making me after her remember back of the hole you wait three days before you call yeah right applies anymore iron. Not anymore ever I Billy if you eat 38 he was Sunni been ghost did expect that everything so instant these bright definitely all right so I'll report back we'll check out some apps yes get the peanut app check that out. Not the adult friend finder but could. Yet to be Nancy it's peanut app. And it's spelled just like peanuts and packed. Fighting mommy friends played aids what's worked for you what has it worked for you. Give us your tips and comments we love you join in the conversation. With us ST moms and even North County. Not me now but it ain't there really is that it'll be back next week.