SD Moms S1E5: Self-Soothing, Birth Order, Child Development

Friday, January 5th

This time, self-soothing and how it seems to work...and we're talking birth order and how it impacts child development.  Oh, and Happy New Year!


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Having spent half. Canada had a few port some champagne out of the styrofoam cup and classy like that we'll see here's the thing we have like a little celebration. Before adamant last four there in a holiday getaways seniors get away you are gone. Honest. I brought you some champagne. For today can you missed out on a toast and happy new year you. We outlets to host 2008 T yeah compared and a great irony here it's a funny bit. I did take a picture of this. And yeah. That they're from public champagne last. That's how we aria where we are lassie. I'm as steep mountain staff. My oldest just earned time golden birthday of the bad daughter Stella three and baby clear is now eight months old. Can't you know it's horrible I realized. I have. Missed out on something with her that I was still good with the two other ones. I was so good at getting them to sleep. Throughout the night and with clear she's the wake him up again every three hours I just go right to the crib I start nursing Arab alt. I should be self. Soothing her eyes Lieber in the crib a letter cried out we'll hold it take eight months began and I did that brightens ballot I was top all the moms. I can't I'm like no way I'm gonna let my baby cried out so that they self sued. And go back to sleep yet now's a good HC BS. Comic I remember that like the minutes would seem like ours like we're letting them cry it out it's Madonna does not knowing hair. Now that it's right that this weekend. I'm going to physically move her crib because she's been in our room all this time he can we I don't normally get back and makes so much easier for a new mom had the baby in the room I coast but my pants. Actually had my youngest I had the package played like bassinet right next to my back and so it makes it's much easier but your right. Brownie minds they need to start learning how to self sue. And and I think of their move the crib into another room so she doesn't see me that's the thing she starts crying she sees me right away. Is he ruling out expanding up yet she's not fully standing up but she is Serena pulled herself up on the cram. And the real tears are streaming Dolly and you're white and crocodile tears. I've never everything you never crocodile tears like bagel tear drop I have been told that they become crocodile tears. So that's I'm doing this weekend still exciting. But it's time because she's waking me up every three to four hours. And then they realized. After I nursery for just a little bit of time she falls differently tonight OK she's just wanting some comfort some mom eleven weren't complainer. With cold sleeping how do you sell sued the baby's. You know it was different each kid because when my first son I didn't have indicated to take care of so tight he slapped with me and I slept with him for a long time it felt like even against the point would he welcome and an old and I can self soothe. I would be half asleep in his role over and while I do about it. It made it easier. And just trying to remember and I and I definitely think with the other ones with each head. Com it was a little bit more stricter on my part to self do for them from my sanity. I am not getting sleep it's really tough and I was such a proponent for that when my friends and come around like I'm having such a hard time with my babies are waking up like. Doing that appeared out of themselves they'll go to the crypt and here I am being a hypocrite and going to the crib get her out right away it's hard especially with your baby you have you Marty had multiple can snag you that you kind of embrace the apple waking up casino it's only temporary. But then again you're you're struggling with a hole. He took that I had that not only well it's it's I'm coddling the youngest now that I know she is my last. And I'm holding her tighter I am. Of the bid for sleeping in my chest on letting that happen more and you should I think you showed it making each child. In their birth order there's going to be certain dynamics that they're exposed to that the other one is it like with my first signed. I was fully engaged. I want him CU they beat his milestones by Enola. So much more than ever announcement I was so on him. So now my first born is a type Annie lake perfectionist. Aptly. In with each one it. I wasn't so hard on myself therefore less hard on them so that it just brings a different qualities so with candidly my youngest. Pole early the same thing you do. To embrace the moment site hot all I let her get away with so much smaller. But again that's the baby in the family so she's gonna happen dynamic still in a way it's like why change it. Mr. and why constant stress said change hired to handle it just kennel at the way it feels like he should and I you know the compliment with Kinsley you're youngest because. Even though you think oh she's the baby she doesn't activate she's got her older siblings she was swimming so much faster so much better than my kids look at her she's younger than some on my kids gas and she can hang around and totally hang and that again is because of her birth order she's got three older siblings she sees them doing their fangs and she wanted you know paying it would themselves. Yeah she doesn't act to BV. I Connell or like a baby out at me you know. So now are you and with your siblings so I don't live rather and then there's mean and then I have two half Brothers and a half sister my half sister is actually younger than my. Boys. So their pants is younger than them. Let their family stories like modern family. I did Jerry springer show my family. That dynamic width of the blended family and the blended siblings. And the order dull ache. Are you kind of hot ice box that birth order well I definitely think so mark how is my third OK not my baby. But with my ex husband that is his baby so she definitely gets treated like the baby daddy's house. Not so much in my house because they're still the baby is now a cell. I think kids adapt to their environment and went. Makes Margo knows she's daddy's little girl into that data is she gets away with what you can do it with because she's the baby there. And kids are Smart so yeah there's a different dynamic are you like in middle child because you are. This is your own middle. I middle slash youngest because it was my mom me and my brother growing up with the same dad's Amman and then I do you have half. Siblings that are younger but I was not lake raised around them all the time and out. Certain dynamics in my life I was the middle child and as my dad's house. But and a mom's I was the babies now do you see any of your personality traits being like how we see a piece. You are I know I'll see you are like this this and it. Yeah I do but I think we can always point out. Me happy. What do you what are the old list so I'm definitely the leader are you are you aren't tight AA. Like follow the rules get stuff done are you organized. I am working I organization Lotta people say I'm organized but my desk is sleepers happy. But I do like over communicating over organize seeing you are organized in certain aspects for sure. Does that mean none of them and any part of your life and like the second mile or my siblings are like OK you don't have to act like Miami already have allowed. Keeping up even though they're on now in their thirties and I'm Colin and say OK did you get my something for your birthday let's all put it together like I'm the leader of all that kind of stuff I can see that you're so like that here. Yeah. I don't. It just know my oldest who just celebrated its fifth birthday it's so fun I go I wonder what he's going to be like when he gets a little old Derrick strait now. Really the leader but he did say something out of the blue. That just struck me and it melts in my heart and I was talking about him turning spy and he said all does not I have not put these words out to the university said. I protect my sister's. It is or else you can make it here I'll outline an elite traveler Alabama on. Just think Eddie protects us against the monster in the Euro after. On the scene that your kids are adorable on their sweet and oh my goodness he posted a picture of your grandma. And these book and it looks just like your daughter I know that that's freaky. I know so that is. Old photo I'll have to share this now actually my mother in law. OK I hear time and not gotten granma the children. So that's I'm like yeah all light girls look like they're Graham totally definitely in the eyes as NetSuite that is so sweet. OK you know what I'll do I'll share that photos so you could see it at my ST moms FaceBook page. FaceBook dot com slash I SD labs. New Year's resolution asks you how many years resolutions. Or 28 he now. Okay. This doesn't really all my kids but it involves my house and it's very small the stuff but to me it's a hard task. Putting away my dishes before right. Brain at that hard task just humankind. I. I did not parents yes might as Russia's broken so I we've been having to manually wash the dishes and so I 100% get weary coming from. Such a pain in the I hate it that's one of my resolutions for 2018 but that's. Ike and really work at an accomplice right exactly I was just looking on average it takes more than two months before a new behavior becomes automatic. 66 days to be exact. I have to start today this is something don't often marks it takes 66 days. I was thinking like he did talent itself for the next 66 days to be better attic and nothing on it I actually baby steps let's just may be put away aid to clean dishes first AM the hang out to our debate all you think putting the dish the way you mean dirty hand and clean. Action tough. Yeah what do you like. I'm Mike Mikey to the master ignited on top I. I'm up high Taylor clinic. So night and here's the thing I have like a teenage son and preteen age and like why do night I don't make them. Do the dishes. I'll tell you why because alas and I asked them to they did it have asked. Really they tried to get away with washing them without scraping them with the sponge and so just using water as I went to put all the dishes away as like. Did you even watch. It they did it as like. So I'm purpose because they know how. Part of the any part of me feels like. Did this on purpose so I never ask you again but then the venom like looking at they're just kids are not grown men run a grown man like it CT not. Yeah I see Chris can however there kids now. I had to school them again hunter actually wash dishes but then I just avoid asking him do it because it's easier for me and lately I never do it. I you do tours is an amateur selectmen borrowers day Sunday was always our tour stay right I like Aaron and relax Sunday was like a dreadful day because amateur clean every one to one shore and it rotated so we have our list. So just each weekend it'd be different chore. That's you bad and it went a lot passes than. That she horse you begun within an hour gap. Us to beat clean that's why have the kids and they're at the perfect age to start the shortlist amber that every idea that many kids and actually like because they knew Jewelers just can't do that DX I haven't made them but. New Year's I don't. I. Rejoice in an hour conversation and your comments here we love reading your FaceBook comments. And putting them in our next week's podcast from SD moms and ST mommy am are.