SD Moms S1E3 - Holiday Budgets, Is Amber Really a Single Mom?

Friday, December 1st

Amber and Steph talk holiday budgets ... and can Amber really call herself a 'single mom'?


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SP moms that's a wave of baby boy price was four years old girl Stella is the green and baby Claire was six console so many babies I'm amber esteem mom amber. And I've got four kids ages four. You know we should have the most since he got mom Melissa's. Not lows and that's my husband had a man most of the other morning it's in a man most I gestured vodka in it to you. Well he's not the most are. No Melissa shares in the news in terms of a splash of cannon there was renamed itself mum I was most. And it is coughing and I can't. It's the holidays feeding you need mom Melissa does cause your holiday season going so far amber felt so. I'm super broke just did a whole bunch of Cyber Monday shopping. What deals that would link was more then my budget. And use that it was a good deal for 129 dollars and like not 129 dollars and my kids we really yeah as solid I went way overboard then wound up by jitter what do you do each year well I made the mistake and opened up an Amazon credit card okay fine and has so I just went a little crazy would back an analyst paid off over beard by the time Christmas comes around next year on just paid off by credit card debt and start at the vicious cycle I thought that with people doing layover to. Okay are we that type of society we are they lay away with it lately began Italy where how does plainly working and you goalie shop. Now lately it's somehow we don't have the enough money to buy it at that time remember and mom's doing lay away when as a kid like Kmart and think you just pick out which you want. And it just save it for you and then you can pay me he had and then once it's paid off and get it but how did give the kids the gift on Christmas. To do Lilly anymore I saw it done right you yeah Omar others hysteria about you know of the giving of the seas in an an anonymous guy -- at 111000 dollars from Toys 'R' Us lay away purchases I remember that Tim McGraw did something like that last year to. Like keeping you don't have probably lay away you know I don't reeling Howard to think you update. Haven't paid for and then you get it but you can make payments towards your lately purchase I don't know so we put your budget for Christmas you've got three babies now us. What is your budget so I'm like ignorance and I told my husband he reclaim back to be with family this your dollar families of Wisconsin. The grandparents are critical overboard. Have to do all that makes sense so we're gonna give one gift and I would eat out and a bus like your doll because they're anti choice are great so that was twenty bucks a piece. And then just little stuff in their stockings. And see answer we'll bring. Some good stuff I think the short stint I was looking at some bikes. Resold not brand new. I only on FaceBook marketplace now looking at Iowa faith plays because there's so many great deals out there why I am brand new bike for sixty when I can get up FaceBook marketplace for twenty bucks. Here can't. Around in three years old and the baby. We'll see you lucked out well did you have to pay for your plane tickets and everything to go back home yet so that's that's expensive you know sell and then you have family spoiling the kids so it makes sense that you're not going crazy. I have a whole different situation and got four kids some of them are teenagers and preteens they want expensive electronic stuff. And I don't have any family here so I don't have anybody like a high boil them at my house at all on because I don't want to wake up to like bare tree would like get that you can't be announced so. We need to be says electronics and because you want quantity on top of quality so I just hit up Amazon and like the girls are young airing you can get you know. Companies like Hedo hand and did not any clothes yelled out recently little things I got down you know old the old concentration. The board. Not to perfection Erica it's like weekly in the shapes in your time in the house for inspection at perfection and I got like the old school vintage line. Those are cooler than manure on how come so I get little stuff like that but. Now about four. Add. So much so. My parents did it always seem like there's a lot of presents I think you just wrapped a lot of stuff. Close he would wrap each clone Sox yeah yeah battle for should be doing now as well and the new PGM mindset of family tradition iron and arbitrage analyst at C. This is what I did this year I went to a baby retail store and got. Is it the same reason the BGR one and I went to the out played and now that I am in North County I go to one near us it's done it's like caterpillar or something it's really cute too. And good stuff out for Shire feel much money say. You are pretty cheap. Until I found that elderly away air layover or whatever it Leo area layover is like an airplane came. I had a flights on my mind OK so since. You have your four kids on Christmas. Or Santa also go to the dad's house how does that work well this year so I had a key. It's Christmas morning last year so now it's dad's turn this year to have and Christmas morning so Santa will go to both places. Build good dad's wake up my Christmas day of a presence there and then of course this isn't an opening presents at dads out there immediately deleted once you have moms have been welcome over in the afternoon and do it that way -- critic bummer not having them you know this Christmas bike you know that's what happens when you know we're divorced by Hannah. They get hooked up and that's the other thing too is like I don't know how many presents are going to be under the tree and dad's house and I don't want to have it like Eddie Money down conversation all the conversation okay this is what I got you know as they want what kind of bounce off each other come but I definitely wanna make sure that my Christmas at my house is comparable to that Christmas at that's how I see now because I don't want them to be like on mom's house is blamed. It has been doing it. It's a house it's high if this'll be fit Christmas doing it like just okay yeah. Clears and what you happened to the ever seeing you like argue they Nazi that your kids are great they're Nicosia dad's house has battered they don't. Other analysts say that any any ultimately gets house is going to be a little bit fatter because his mom my ex mother and not sheet goes Corey crazies out there so lucky to have our. But then yes it at all at his house yeah yes and I feel like kinda have to do a little bit more to kind of make up for that because my family unfortunately isn't a big. Gift giving family you know sound. But at my axis is Yang AM so I go broke every time this year. Yeah it's another topic because. As you've learned I am married going and almost ten years with three babies. Amber is a divorce say yes I was married for almost ten years OK so I question about using the termed single lap yes. Why is the black and whites with that term ours are a lot of great because you're so people say I am a single mom and the fathers told me out of there. Life right Horry here's single mom but they still have a relationship with the ax and its relationship with that yet. So how do you use it. Yeah I think she and how do you make it different from other mavs I think it's. You know I don't know that. Exact black or white answer that I call myself a single mom even though you know dads in it fifty being with me because I am even I do have a boyfriend who I am still a single mom. Because it's just me in the kids when it's my time I see so yours okay I'm alone doing the mommy thing. When I have the kids out you know. I don't know I don't know if there is if I do think there's a lot of grainy when it comes to being called a single mom had him whenever I hear someone say that I automatically think the debt is out of the life flake off that's horrible that dad is in in their lives. I don't think that again I don't think that I just think if you're doing it on your own even know he do you have 5050 with the dad raced and so come as a single mom. Okay landed about myself I'm I'm you know working again and I haven't have the time I don't have anybody really helping when it's my time I don't know if that's the end. Greater than do you have any friends who have been axed totally out of the life and what do they say they call themselves single mom to like. Right not the gag maybe this just like different levels of single mother Nancy I don't know I am trying to think I have any girlfriends. Whose taxes that are not in the picture I can't think of anybody incident saying on the divorce. My home. Can only say that I. I'm just seen a lot more special on the holidays because everyone brings out their sad story like help me help me help me I'll that's true. Malone the kids on a single mom was like well wait how single of Amani aria yeah. Because then I feel bad for the dancer like I part of their life. And it. Yeah I don't know I I don't know I don't know the answer to Beck of C word that question comes into play here or single mom a lot more than I hear any guy ever say I'm a single deadly deer accident or say almost single dad. I think I have to Max has. And it is how and I don't think he says he's a single dad because he's end committed relationship for years they lived together and I see his girlfriend in my kids call her their step mom I don't know what he called considers himself a single dad. But my second baby petty and without a I could see him saying that he was a single dad and they'll need a date to some like bad but he's got 5050 seat so he says it to a woman like I'm a single dad right away a guy like. Old the mom is not in the daughter's life Kenny. You just I. It automatically go to Dow hit can each be discussed not making that assumption yeah yeah. That and bring it up because I don't homeowner in that assumption I don't think you are either record this conversation before and and in her home hum ranchers think it is there's a lot of Amadeus in there now. They're very blessed though that both severe axes are in the ad panel on line so tell you know he gathered there amazing adds I'd never knock them even on it now is nice to meet. The in the picture you know they're there they're around end. That's great for the kids in town of but I saw comments a single mom can't get to know you it's not something today amber iron off my tie you anything nice to even up quite heavy and I think about it. Different to us and don't yourself too much will be review every week through this holiday craziness of the seeds then. Putting things on lay away from the hook up a are there layover as. Please keep commenting and sharing your stories and educating us and being part of the conversation and I'd like to know what you think a single mom is in the hands because I don't know the answer. Kept talking next guy.