SD Moms S1E18: Tracking Your Kids, Text Messaging

Thursday, July 26th

These days, technology makes it possible to track our kids and even see their text messages without them knowing.  But, is it right to do that?

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He was good not every year my ST mom amber hey it's my ST mom Sarah what's up broke it I'll now. I'm so let's talk about this very sensitive subject so I have a friend. Who has a teenage son and he had downloaded an app. On his phone to track his son's text messaging. Well I'd heard about that yeah case and so I was thinks about this and he can actually read his son's. Text messages without his son knowing that. He has this app yes. And then housing I would never do that I would never do that at that aren't thinking should I be doing the because now only a new generation of parents senile or raising kids in in this technological world we don't really know for sure. What's going nine with thirteen year old with their phones because they're on them all the time I am now remind me you've got four kids idea. Your oldest is thirteen is thirteen ol' boys you are right in the thick of all this now cry on election why should I do you. Tracking my son without his knowledge you can see. Your first instinct was to say no I would never do so it back and my first instinct was like. Heck gap at I read my kids tax like if if if they're not quite old enough to have the technology and be responsible with that. I feel like I would wanna look over their shoulder for that. And that's your mind battle in my hat is it's like. Do I give him do I trust him win this. Or is he too young at thirteen he's a very responsible mature thirteen year old so ultimately my heart I trust him yeah but then. Reality he is a thirteen year old boy. Maybe the question is more. If they're not. Old enough responsible mature enough for you to trust them. Texting maybe they're not old enough to even have a phone. Aren't tight and it's that plays through today time I had what is because that's just the society that they live and now they all have phones is now hard to when your little one comes to you and says that everybody else has found out for Schiller. And everyone else pretty much does have a phone these days telling you what age is because because my oldest is only just turned eight so I have she still begs for a while Atlanta no we are years off from that. But enlighten me a little bit at what age do the kids really they all star having cellphones I eight year old daughter and she has had an iPod. Where she can go like apps and write text me she's on Wi-Fi in that sort of things and is it where she can only text a few people at a time. Well assuming contact younger me so I am so she has line and she taboo for a little while. Not technically up alone her today. It's more an iPod. Huh I think that would be the way to go until their much older I hears it he'll daughter doesn't have one now so don't hold off as long as you can't see this plan she's two older Brothers that have them that's sell that made her want it earlier ended and is she handed down in L iPod cell I'm. Hoping by the time my eight year old is thirteen fourteen. That something else will come along that's just I don't like the idea of them having access. Two they're currently being able to brighten browse off their phone iPad for shelter recently wiped the iPad completely cleaned. Because as innocent as it was there were still some searches that. You know the older cousin gave me talking about. A movie that she's our they were kissing and it's like one thing leads to another like that's it even YouTube kids is gone. All those apps from when they were babies we just like wiped clean come on what you hear all these horse stories of lake. Who's on the other end of those apps and what type of information and video and wobbled lot of trying to get itself. I don't know I ain't gonna stick with what you said and hold off for as long as possibly do it. I would. Not too late for me now. So we are you I have to known now. Are you open to getting this app are you gonna trust your thirteen yeah thirteen year old. You know I I trust him but I'll son and I respect the fact that he's still just a thirteen year old however he does listen to this podcast. So whether or not again I'm not gonna say so now found that her now wouldn't. That's gonna not. Not just keep currently you sound like agree can't either break in and I have no concerns it's not. Like he you know he's straight a student he's you know amazing and trust where they bunt. But yeah I don't wanna prevent anything from happening as well but I also don't want to break that trust. Totally but you know I feel like it's what people always say it is rings in the back of my hat's like. It's not your kid it's everybody else. That is out down and I gave me chills that now that make. Oh yeah. Mommy so I am a a header Oprah I think they've built many Valentine and I just stole it I love it I'm write that down RA good luck we'll they isn't Richard joining us I'm ST mom in Eric I've missed you mom Sarah had a great day.