The SD Enforcers Are Joining Our Human Peace Sign

Wednesday, October 11th


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It's coming together piece by piece the parent. The mile limit upon the doesn't come. The John Timmy human peace sign for Vegas it's going down tomorrow. Valley view casino center parking lot tomorrow morning we're broadcasting our entire show. We hope to see you out their real line nobody up the peace sign wise around 730 to the pitcher and eight sets you on your way. Feeling great about what you did sending some love not only to our neighbors in Vegas but to everybody affected and everybody has been affected. By the horrible shootings in Las Vegas just a few just a week ago so again all the tales or kiss on dot com are. I'm sorry our FaceBook page the event invite is therefore you please tell many of your friends and hang out this tomorrow morning first however long you can't. Yes we do want you to join us tomorrow we were true and trying to find a positive way. To show our love and support our solidarity with. Las Vegas and of course those who were there and so that's how this idea started with a was making a giant human peace sign up for that we need Jew in this is short opportunity. To be a part of that to be a part of something big to be a part of giving back and letting those know that we care hi John Denney. I wanted it to John Buckley would defend the law enforcers cage not. That I think I can just call and then eulogy got to know that will be there on Thursday a little. We'll get as many items we can't help there to support you guys. Anyone forces are made of a military men and police officers firefighters there the defending national champions football team here from San Diego. That's awesome John thank you so much. Not thank you refer. You know promoting peace obviously the enforcers were. The peacekeepers at San Diego and so anything that supports peace love unity we're going to be there to support. Well that makes a super happy we're so glad that you're going to be part of our human peace signed. And I'm wondering clergy to I know you're bringing I your guys but go ahead and Scherer that's calendar invite you'll find it kiss once FaceBook page. And share will get as many people as you can it's going to be so fantastic. Absolutely would see as their. I'm John thanks don't force there's. Right now you might think this is as easy as as yapping about it on the air but there have been so many people since we've discussed this this whole organically. Brought up. Idea by generally excited do something in fact it was because John Lennon's birthday was on Monday John one. Did something similar his fans for his birthday celebration a few years ago in Central Park but this is a whole different five to show that you know love and peace will win. Right in this battle against evil so that's what started him. And I'd like to think that it was as easy as that happens it's really not known we need to get a drone photographer for proper aerial. A photograph. We need the space them we needed you know all the soaring insurance often legal stuff and and and paying for the got people. Who are much more than we are taking care of that forest but it's really evolved as a community this person over their from the strong come I wanna help. This person over there from this insurance come I wanna help. Got a new casino center helping we're going to be broadcasting live right outside though grassy area or that chick filet is an incumbent in the main entrance. Ability casino center and I believe right across from there. Within walking distance we're gonna set the peace sign up. Yeah it'll be it'll be all trucked out we'll have a rating go for Ewing you can come by eight hammered during the show from six to nine. We'd like you there at the latest 730 because we're gonna start lining everybody up in getting disassembled. So what do we need you should it's at wait for you to give back and wait for you to be a part of this. It's going to be fantastic we get that photo printed you were able to have that forever. It's just going to be if it's going to be a great feeling of community and coming together. Plus the community really is coming together we heard yesterday we just heard from John in the San Diego enforcers. Yesterday we heard from the ES an eagle goals their home opener is Friday. They'd panel will be a part of this and they are gonna be a part of this but they're also going to the first fifty people there tickets to Saturday's game. I know that there are other organizations the Padres have called up they wanna help a little bit and podsquad in the come out. Ina and listen you soccer's have something to do with this is well they wanna come out so. Really the community is coming together we need more reviewed though it was freaking out and owns a show I am not it's going to be faced and one of us might become a stressed about that. Wonder who that might be again the entire. FaceBook event invite is that our kids when FaceBook page and just help thousands of your friends with me this thing rock.