Sandy Talks the Brad Paisley Lampshade

Tuesday, May 24th


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Carrie Underwood will be bringing her unbelievable stage show the BC carried on talking about. I'm still thinking about how great blown away was likely to play god because it was under a few years Batman and tornado on stage it was not. Anyway she's comeback ability casino center is fallen details are KS so and that dot com maybe. She can create more. Unbelievable experiences. For KS or loyalist is like saying he's gonna share what happened with Brad Paisley who made so many people's lives better on Saturday at the new. I'm not current mayor producer's death was that a conscious after concert after concert is Joseph bashing meat bread in any was in here you say. I think you can eat out but I was on the bar. Where loyal listeners cocky on the bar. How well he is. Breaking news. No bailout. You can't the other great experience he has he has seen is gonna tell me in the mornings 814 I guess I. I'm not bad today live stripper sixty's but this afternoon is gonna get a bit breezy and I think you share your experience with us. And then there any hope for talking learning and I look at the milk. Little cocoon alcohol only. I was ordered a couple of times already who currently is because we're so England again and more crude. Whole new currency in my career I can't my my actual patent. And its Julian didn't take McCain and then find it. And he tosses it back to me and then he thinks for a minute because quite couldn't put their own taco not act. And he compares. But my lips if I could complicate. I. Are you can. Hidden rules you want your favorites is any. He really all we've seen in so many kinds and we controlled with the way trade. Pat could get recognized and I know me redirect nothing. This the only areas you made these pads in the first place and it finally happened congratulations. Oakland it's horrible we had so much but everybody liked all of it's so cool he'll reflect a picture of yearly Buick like a picture wait here and yeah yeah I know very well at all about the. Are you right you tweeted the picture of that lamp shade and what else happened. Oh that was good credit but let him just essentials on. An. Right I created a picture and he wore my layup they act on them Brad Paisley. To re tweeted this and that I am a group. As of last night we had like 400 light guns one how far I'm very clean. I'll be diligently bread is to brag a Twitter personalizing breads and charges drew just like just like Blake Shelton I think he's in charge I don't think he's got. The people. Across the Arab if you read his tweets and things like that you can tell it's it's him doing anything doesn't have people eat you know why you can tell. Don't forget tree seconds is on tonight you know things like yeah yeah always do like that would just so lame I loved the ones where you can talent Salman. It was. Amazing your play like the death concert like the music that are. Can at least agree serve up Brent is a very quickly have Sasha the store before Bristol was flabbergasted me coming from rock background. But first son sage introduction I ever had in the country world. Was bred pays the right when his first single mean neither Kim Palmer meaning either gonna. Wow and he was playing the Dane County fair in Madison Wisconsin Iowa now super nervous I was given over to foresee destruction anyway but this is my first as a country. Jock and I went on stage I introduce Brad Paisley and as I'm walking off CC grabbed my arm. It's him. And he was OK and I'll god that I screw up what did I do and he says that was a really nice intro thank you for that make. What. Does John that was John's first introduction to how great the country artists are like and that's what elderly I'll never leave colossal once we leave I'm there I'm never gonna leave country in my own territory. Art and that's exactly what it is the catalyst behind Brad Paisley has more money than god right now and what does he eat you would think he's still the same guy. That I met sixteen years ago the Dane County fair and just didn't give a warning about touching his butt when he first started it does now. Yeah. RIC a it was a great story creating more memories they'll last July's. Yes historian like I think it is good for you Brad Paisley. Means a lot to a lot of people.