San Diego Zoo turns 100

Monday, May 9th


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Big party happening in the ballpark this week and a San Diego and we are still proud of our zoo and so excited that the San Diego Zoo the world's most famous soup. Turns 100 years old. Christen is joining us from the San Diego Zoo with a beautiful may I say hairy but beautiful special guest I don't forget. And I'm Gary I bet you one hundredths yes thank you very much when you have with the I and Xena and here she is a two toed sloth and she was actually born actor zoos to talk about a blend wonderful things that happen at thinning the zoo or a hundred years. She was born there three years ago she just turned three off her parents live there and they've been pretty prolific says she's gotten older sister and three younger simultaneously at home busy getting jeered at Christmas after. And annihilate us on yeah. Pardon my ignorance about the sloth world but when they when they have families having no idea where that they've got a mom and dad a fun and they hang out together as a family take vacations that's a great question I should they are solitary in alliance so mom and raise the baby and made them male and female come together just from reading. And then mom and raise the baby until they are about six to nine months actually and and they they're they're off on their own. And they're still pretty tiny it's amazing what they can and how they can provide for themselves even it. As a really small. Tiny little Liam age once there about that aides are off because they're hanging on mom for the whole time says she's ready after nine months all right that's. OK there she is Xena is just absolutely adorable in the way she's hanging onto it she actually looks like a little toddler what is their personality type I mean obviously people think slot that there may be lazy I know that they hang upside down but they're not necessarily lazy or they they are not and actually they can be quite fast when their when they want to be when they need to be big these guys to the predators in the wild Jack jurors flag snaked harp Eagles fall so when they need to move quickly they can they can defend themselves. They're incredibly strong and you guys can seed and yeah she's got a really large teeth and ask them Tauziat she's so she can really defend herself when she needs to and move quickly the other thing I notice and daughters are beautiful beautiful eyes. And they remind me of the seal her father very wet looking and being you know around in just gorgeous and it would be so hard not to go over there and say please can I holder know that I can't analog empire by. She just looks awesome we need. Still out there if you are missing this loss went to when you're leaving like oops I forgot some ailment that is often. Dennis Quaid decades here Ellis said you've got to leave it as John was it not us o'clock AM. Tell us was happening over the weekend for the hundredth birthday of the gals are we turning a hundred like you mentioned and we're having owned a celebration at Balboa park so it's gonna start at 6 PM right as as it was closing its not gonna be at this new. It's gonna be in Balboa park. And then there's going to be food trucks and music also it's amazing things are down I'm. Positive Panama all the way down just freckles which is where the music will be that stuck Brazil will have a little presentation to keep their Rick will be out with animals the. Leave it to the sandy losing to turn 100 how priorities for us tonight now. I want to thank you for us for all that you do not only providing so many entertainment opportunities but all you do for the animals and wildlife you know keeping endangered species. I'm going to really hear you very admirable what she'll do it zinni was due in the in the safari park. And the honest so we can do without you guys heroin comes and visit your helping us work. A nonprofit so your money is spent right back into these animals are to all of our conservation efforts all over the world.