San Diego Sockers Will Be Part of Our Human Peace Sign

Wednesday, October 11th


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We have someone on the phone want to chat with us about what's going on tomorrow I write Timmy preachers just let us know John from the San Diego soccer's is calling us right now. Government Johns an awesome morning John what's going on. Well the in his soccer after fourteen times champion Doris soccer champions will be part helping out wit to be out event tomorrow and work and provide fifty pairs of fractures for tickets to anywhere eleven home games for the fifth. No look 360. San Diego soccer's that is awesome on view. We found out about it we want to be we're lobby into the community and we want to get back and we're take a strong as well. All this is so great. So many hours of it or how so our community. One I'd do something in this is so positive. And it's a way to stand in solidarity in it's a way to commemorate something to. That we can have fruit for our lifetime and and we're so thankful that you're gonna be a part of it. But we look forward to it and that we invite everybody to come down and take parkinson's. It means a lot to the community and especially to slip things that we support them. On Joan wanna support you guys as well thank you so much for bringing the tickets out of nowhere and sandy was soccer's quality organization. And does San Diego needs some soccer right now especially after the shocking. News about teen USA yesterday hundred. Devastating humid there unbelievable just for the electric I American and it was over. Criticism or glassy eyes and then yeah. It did not qualify for the 2018 World Cup the on huge blow for US CNN's soccer it's it's ridiculous and and we can get an Elliott John I'm sure you're just furious but the squad's performance a and. Being in the long running debate I think they got a little step on complacent so hopefully. You amber yeah. All you get still I don't play you don't replace the coach this morning coach last night they're saying how could this have happened you know more resources and any program in your bracket music. Well you know how we got the parts in place we just think that you don't use law if you're not go to the world golf events your only job stealing complacent. We are anyway John or off topic thank. You look at. Harry. We appreciate you can't wait to meet you tomorrow John thank you so much for helping us support the community. Of course he can't have a human peace sign without many many many many humans these. Share RK is suing an event invite the put on the kiss on FaceBook page and click best yes that you're going to have to thousands of others to begin pack the house get this done since you anyway after 8 o'clock shortly after eight. Feeling great about. Hash tag Vegas strong. So we. We are also going to attempt. This in the National Anthem Wallin our peace signed tomorrow we do every day you get the firefighters battling which unbelievably is right now fighting for their lives every time they go to work. And we wanna keep honoring and respecting them and let's do so with someone's in the helping us out tomorrow and argument peacetime event for Vegas and the casino center. And his name is Kyle from the whisper mil one of our fear renditions of the National Anthem on KS on.