The San Diego Kings are Helping the Food Fund

Thursday, November 2nd


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One of the best things about John Tammy human peace sign a few weeks back with all the new friends that we made among them bunch of guys that believe in community first talk about the San Diego kings basketball team we got Aybar who always so great to us. At the feeling in peace time with us. More name. Aborted doubted any bank will have a mean guy that really appreciate that I'm super excited. That gives them canned food for the can't Owens and at the pleasure to be able to know you gotta be honest folk are what you got now. All of those forty sandy oh kings basketball kicking off their season this Saturday and as we've just mentioned their busy collecting some cans as well to bring out to John Jamie's food fund. Well we're doing it's Saturday. They start echoed my college actually let stand in for free for every. 1010 food that they bring in every sense food equipment dollar a basketball game this Saturday. So all you. Religion and you know if you bring in can you come in free. That is awesome so they'll bring in ten cans of nonperishable food items to get to go watch awesome basketball you guys play for free. And the scene being a food bank gifts that donations. Like he's like you generally we are about to. These are we look to pack up and apply it started about what he did pick up. That's often meant Sandia kings basketball picking up their season. On Saturday if you bring ten in the cans of food you will get in for free it's at Rosemont College what time is game time a bit. At 1 PM macro my colleagues. This Saturday November board. OK and again ten cans get your free ticketed him you know what when he can't give you my math is correct two tickets to Miami. All right awesome and then we'll see you guys the whole squad next Friday at the second food funded vote need to. Are you mad they were looking forward to it to thank you honey and think your whole team for doing this for San Diego food bank. Thank you god oh my blood to guide the board don't anymore. So Cooley thinks that OK here's the deal tomorrow. Our first food fund of the I can't wait for a day were we don't need a food fund anymore because everyone's got enough to eat it could be but until that happens let's step up I know that you can you've never fail to disappoint you never disappointed. Let's oops. You never really never failed his appearance on your dad. Yeah. There's little weekend pep talk pops that it didn't know what I meant was you never disappoint us. And tomorrow will be at the Carlsbad village kitchen in high shot my if woman's fear places to go in the entire state for breakfast it's off the five. Right off camera act super easy access we'd love to have breakfast with a Tony hawks gonna stop by. All kinds of special guests. Yeah we'll be broadcasting from six until nine seed come by bring your nonperishable food items and you know if you can get the protein that's the first thing to go when people are trying to stretch their dollars could be canned tuna and chicken. Dried and canned beans and also peanut butter and nuts and seeds nonperishable food items if you can't come by. That of course we have the virtual food drive at KS ON dot com. And I just glad brought a challenge because I hear numerous times. Or Saudi or common aren't county and I hero Rick. Then sent to purge the show lives in north I know I have that Carlsbad high school cheerleaders coming the New Year's coming illegally and coming so we'd love to see you. Tired theme park to the right time. Compared to away yeah. And I won the master model builders right now other schools that and I guys' brains like three hours plus Tony Hawk I can discuss on the we have in common clear vision. I'd say you don't. Don't want to essentially right meantime the food fun and one more thing. Listen we know you're busy and we know maybe you have you can't stop off at five. That said it will have kids so improbable team members ready to take food from your car for you get if you choose you can pull up pull out and done. Matter of sixty seconds we'll get you out of the we'd love to hang out with you. Get a picture hug you think you for this and band together as a community. To help our hungry neighbors including military families. That's a huge part of who benefits from the sandy who food bank in in Hungary heroes is unacceptable. Okay John Jamie's food fund go to KS when dot com we'll see you tomorrow morning. At village kitchen and pie shop book and apply against definitely outweigh as a guerrilla CIA's. Everyone I know how to please advise that I am I you're gonna go crazy tomorrow morning starting at six negate all the deals for John to Andy's food fund RK SON dot com.