San Diego Chargers Melvin Ingram

Friday, May 13th


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Joining us right now is Melvin Ingram from the San Diego John. Our first heard serious duty I'll. What is the thinking is still on the come and say hello Louis knowledge of the way I'm dressed. He's go this enterprise. How will you open invitation please come you serve so tell us why you're going to be handling it. 25000. Pounds of begin or is even more than that this courtesies 36000. Pounds of eighteen you're gonna smell awesome today and Honda. Arms or join us live still on the could they even live to join them to do lose their bid they came here and they similar style. They tour took terrible sponsor families of what's in the business. Always in need of food protein and things of that nature so I just don't BR there helping them never known as donation how it's maddening. In this country we have so much food for oil way every night from restaurants and and discarded from supermarkets. Hope people right here in our city this beautiful city go to bed hungry every night sir most definitely our biggest and everything bush. But for for media and artists NBA or offended go Bristol supportable. Everything I've done everything the team have done it in through. To be riveted to a draw so one way and give back to the community is just amazing Melvin Ingram is with us from the San Diego Chargers have a liberal more last year just saying had a great year congratulations appreciated and horse super excited about for some of the fact you guys are staying very excited about that huge load off I suppose you guys are tired of talking about that even thinking about that went off season the charges of has exciting great draft. Yeah most of most of offshore we got a lot of TP go through free agency. And we got a lot of good producers are so they can only help with America better when we try to bring some specificity of now what you should know about us Melvin is that we are also came from Wisconsin okay so we are big moment Gordon guys apparently wash and play for the badgers could get a Ross rookie season got hurt I hope he's doing better would you please give my love most definitely more than. His door so much better user if he just figured they buy their marriage was just trying to get his neat breakthrough wanted to finish and we were sort of thing they do these liberal. These are war got things nobody really home over so tired transportation minister of grant so so he's grown every day through through to bell and burger here it's great to see sandy who chargers in San Diego in general giving back down with feeding America Smithfield Foods has agreed to donate more than 30000 pounds of bacon defeating America's San Diego and that's why melded with us today from abuse at Columbia and every way shape before home because she now unloading. Taken pitchers do just mingling with everybody finished is going be some strategic defense Karl. As I look this volume in your face when you're talking about Chris hopefully being serious you know OK but then as soon as we bring this back up again here your whole face changes you are really excited to be a part of this organization group. That's not something that is awesome little background here Tammy you must have instructed melon also off microphone to bust my did you did you not I am not doing I'm not gonna answer that Obama yeah. You know unless Sony really like her you just bear of the day I hear this or yeah Friday at tiresome and I took casual Friday do I am more intense which is wishes on stars and pop pop pop ups doesn't think he's what you're doing for the city as an eagle for hungry people everywhere is a very important things around. I'm an anytime you wanna come back to the studio please you know when you're not busy with all internal telephone everything that I would love to have you end. And again thank you for being the very first charge or walk through our door in our studio since we've been here that's the flares that's been an environment awesome the only other one we had. Up pops another starter is Melvin your fans. Good luck this upcoming seasonal campers stay healthy are your surf Melvin and Casey Hayward from the San Diego Chargers. Are going to be at the headquarters is feeding America sending you to stay starting 11 o'clock alone that they can do. Unload that big boy that sounds like a great weekend doesn't it seriously all my guys yeah I don't know and I was super super cool.