The Rules of Dating a Co-Worker

Monday, June 26th


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Have you ever dated a co worker and when you did. Did you have to set rules down well I've never. I'm trying to think yes OK Andy one cup coworker arousal in college it was a waiter at a restaurant with do you weigh treason and she wouldn't let me anywhere near her. That was not where we're at work or off work for that matter so. OK I just a source close Jessica is joining us because you a fit into this category are we allowed to say that you are okay. And guest speaker at OK Jessica dates of her boyfriend Jeff who works on at our sister station down the hall we don't have similar followers so it's. Yeah are you right then it's it is instead he I work in the morning he works at night so we don't usually costs pass especially because we don't mean the market the same. Schindler a bit early to you you'll see each other while you're working you don't see each other while you're at home page of different distributable perfect relationship never. Coupled. My question is sometimes we are together for likes me at all staff means getting out money and they we have stuff that we're doing today that we're doing stuff together. How little I have to win worked together and I've seen you guys together at work functions either Christmas party or when we had our last meeting last week. It doesn't mean I don't mean this is respectfully in fact it can mean it with respect it doesn't seem like you guys are couple you're very professional. We try to keep it professional but every once and I'll feel like speak a little you know touch on my back or a little kiss and Mike should we be doing what I feel awkward. Everybody here knows that we're together it's no not a secret we are together before I started working here. So it's not like it a secret I still feel really super awkward now have you been and even talked to my management and policy by the way you guys don't keep on the cutesy here what I know I actually had to talk to management to tell them to stop calling me misses his last name right yeah I don't plan yeah I don't quite different outlined. Exactly he's on my own person thank you know September date. Co worker now all. But he did doesn't cause a conflict here because they're big deer. With boredom. Equals networking it would be different if if if there was a higher up person and and dating someone who's on a different level but it. It's a Seaman work at different stations all I can see Jessica's biggest concerns me in my own person just don't attach read everything he. What's curious because I've heard that dating coworkers in this building is somewhat frowned upon I really I. I've never seen anything in the handbook and have a handbook. Or maybe yes there is only as we all got them not well out there I mean yeah. And I am not a good self six. 619570. Number 1973. Joanna. I worked at a workplace that kind of frowned upon dating but you guys didn't care has now arrived. I am about marrying him and I didn't care that. Everybody you know. Good for you guys going you were dating did you guys have rules as far as ignore at the job there's no touch in there's no kiss so there's no sneaking away anywhere. You know we are definitely getting care we're both in the military. We're supposed to and I can't act bad we get where I'm endowment. Don't want it all around each other. Are all this in June. Trouble that we got in got in trouble a lot. We didn't get. Young who love them together eight years raise cattle of that 619570. Number 19 B 73. Gave a coworker was frowned upon media and differently in the office are really want whatever to get in or close the door now. Carroll is in Oceanside hey Carol. Yeah. I didn't let. Me read. And actually. I didn't. Bomb that's so I'm not a beautiful now and you guys were working together did you have to keep your real. Secret there was urban cool that. And you Wear and party with everything. Are. You. Again. GI it's you know when you're near equals network you're really shouldn't be that big of a deal the problems come when you're like. Crossing with management stuff and the problem also comes if you got a bitter break up and act your work while you work that's true obviously not because if you congratulations yeah. All right Mario Austin okay let's go to Brittany in LeMay says she dated to two co workers but not the same time. I. Tell us about that now that be a story I'd wanted to share. Well I can't say well our report. That I had it right. What. We want to be accurate. And right we'll keep it out because joke. Think that at your current eight I didn't care parent but anyway. So what can. We go to if they broke up at 888. Caterpillar and I was very. So I talk a little drama networks and I bat. Don't you action because you know actually I it like. Which we tracked. How it. Looted is why employers don't want you to run to straight while we're used to be such a flashback I was involved in a similar situation as a teenager I worked at. The midwest version of Carl's junior which is hardee's same exact restaurant. And I. Was. A newer employee I would think I was sixteen I was. Asked by my manager just did come in early and make. Biscuits for the breakfast rush like really early like 3 in the morning your cell right and she was there with me we'll turns out she was I guess interested. But what I didn't know that she was the ex girlfriend of my manager. This are. Manic confidence did not like me and and I bet that gone by bad putt at 1240 you. Sixteen how do you make it go your. Lower reacted well with the flu. It is that they still you wouldn't you like him Mubarak. A few thunderstorms.