Revisiting Our Time With Sam Hunt

Wednesday, August 9th


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Sam show is tomorrow I have had friends who letting me know were friends come out of the woodwork. Today. Unscom had done Ron knowledge John thanks. Hi Simone is is as a married man now. Hugely successful initial tomorrow is in Iraq. A but did you know that not so long ago as a matter of fact less than two years ago Sam hunt couldn't afford his own plays and his band had to live in the same house. We remember that with a pass conversation with Sam hunter you're gonna see tomorrow courtesy of kids when summer 101000 tickets this was this from a but a year and a half ago Moore and Sam I guess they are don't. Eleven years ago your walk and on the street I'm imagining this and correct me if I'm wrong you're walking on the street you find a guitar and I. Oh what the heck I think they'll teach myself to plant is that correct some boy yes that's right it was all the way on the news I picked one up in about a thousand. Down reducing enough to go about one of polish up teaches himself on a plane Tammy rates how irritated a scale of one to ten on right now well and very irritated and not only that the first buying new tires I was actually one of my all time is fear Kenny Chesney songs what I need to do we SS salute this month there's a whole lot is that so when he learned I love that song it was just it was just a musical that's not typically one. With so much teachers themselves guitar so I usually the first when they go oh yeah it was a culmination of it being warm authenticated zone and affected had the fewest chords. I'm gonna. But it works take this this process at a helping right to number one songs like Kenny Chesney is come over into turbines cop car. And then into your new album what is the difference in feeling with that. I don't know this is flattering to have somebody especially somebody of our guys as big as tinian and and other guys who recorded songs. Do that you know but you know has really cool to have a song in my own and especially an album in my home because I've always wanted to do that so they've they've both have their own they're unique ways of being cool with their steals horsemen wrap my mind around either one of them actually have and so. You've both been part of the journey but they're both equally as special. We're talking to Sam hunt I can't help but think guys having ego is performers having egos. That you're listening to Kenny do Cologne or are you listening to to Billy Carrington. Seeing this on the hero we are tonight both number one songs is there a party you as far as the ego the artist that says oh I can do better than that. No I do have competitive spear and not in that regard. I also know flattered and proud have a song that I it was a part of beyond country radio and much as one of the biggest names and in country music so actually no that was involved up. You consider myself to be my own artists and then. If I do things and you knew you were hoping unique ways civics myself. But the doesn't bring your music is objectively doesn't mean that you know it's it's it's better or worse than the way someone else interprets the somewhat so not none of them has ever gone on. Sam hunt is with us some encouraging you to buy his record for many reasons but the biggest one I think I'm speaking for Cianci can move out of the house that he shares and his band. Best that's got to get kind of gyms and at least a big house I can imagine is that they know it's not a civilian was minute timeout started out in a van that was free program to a bus which is. There are also important that house is about the size of the bus so we have we learn to live in close quarters without love is just so much of Beaumont and Austin in time around them and you know mood now that's a started as well don't list compared all the things we want to accomplish with music and we're not home we're much anyway so they were so please tell me you at least have somebody clean house or well my brother moved up. Just seven months ago so he is there. Most often. Okay Richardson pretty claim authority and it and in our Chad dandelion and those camera. Jason from a less than two years ago what a difference in those months makes him hunt now headlining his tour matches from empathy there. That is finally tomorrow and body like a backroom became what you were gone producers that became the number one downloaded songs. Of all time. Beating Cruz. But what about your alliance so I'm pretty sure Sam wanted to share a house. With the his band again unless his house is the size of a city block. Regardless of that Sam hunt tomorrow matches for map of Peter the Great mayor and Morse the Grammy nominated Mary Morris. Is also going to be part of that shows me a big one and you know they kiss it was going to be their trust and FX show us your kid Selanne. Possibly. Get upgraded OK we'll be cruise MacPhail basically always do. All day tomorrow and mattress in the big big day which means Friday. Pretty much worthless. Wow all you Smart than until Friday dragon I union. People.