Revisiting Our Time With Maren Morris

Thursday, August 10th


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Didn't. Artest she has heated up her food and then he's like. So only need to inner animal. And zero time they have the best trying to work. He's he's definitely don't know what's gonna take your food away. I'm man becoming numb I'm now though I eat so fast yeah. To all of going to mourn Ernie it's well. When I was a kid my grandmother lived in Chicago and her neighbors. A Leonard and Mary would come down there right off the boat from Italy and at least he dinner these hover on the plate. And eat as best they could because they are in a depression sure they get their full stolen from yet and I'm reminded me right now producers asked I'll call. I'm not the right and our idea lane and that they had to. You can do either before gray hairs that are not that Smart to two and two ODDR. Eat me yep. You want to watch and why you corner so that mourners right now we have him on coming tonight and he's grew Grammy winning Grammy nominated. CNA waiting seeming nominated artist John Mayer and more. Says well I am just a sight to see Mirren mores if not more than him like huge fan and he might be able to tell during a conversation we had when we visited her at stagecoach are joined by mayor and Morris got click here it's island EU. Made a huge mistake in your career you got two huge too fast and you haven't been with us yet so. It's really nice sunny China yeah out well in the foundation it's in the pack tell us what you did after you won your Grammy. Second after you'd you'd done that shows over that don't like burger would you do. Yeah I think we immediately eight we were starving so we just celebrated the rest of the night and we had an early flight the next day so they couldn't party too hard but I mean I didn't wanna go home and parties the pet. Now we are all celebrating casino it really does take a village it's that simple tonight. How those moments that you worked so hard for and then you have your whole team around me to celebrate with you has been on the most un usual thing. Since starting way back when and getting to this point today what has been something that stands out like wow I just really that was weird you know. I think every day feeling that something is just everything is. In a way yes look at this is not a normal life anymore and me every day is some gigantic lake crazy positive thing. I would never imagine happening you expressed utter anxious that maybe things happening too fast and I mean I think I have. Got like a pretty good head on my shoulders I was performing since I was like ten years old. Playing around taxes and I had some performance experience under my belt Fareed and moved to Nashville is there a story behind your price tag team that beautiful beat Australia you know gorgeous so long Lawrence goal. Which sounds very scary Amazon Johnny Aetna and play. And violet roses yeah ours are adorning it felt that he replies that hurt. In an area numb and I had to distract my mom and watch YouTube videos allies that yes there. Was at that moment when I wanted to show Mary Morris minor buys into a gym and reached for that base that didn't exist and she left so. So bad was and he made a big mistake at the beginning your career yeah like I'll watch here. My my Hillary thinking skills there too well I mean it was a C minus for the island.