Reverse Psychology - Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker Edition

Wednesday, March 21st


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Hopefully elect side gets that she's in Claremont round of play reverse psychology brand new game we've accomplished here. We Levy and Darius Rucker tickets when they come to town later on this summer good morning Alexa. You practice shot first focus is having to do with either the 88 or Darius is how the game's gonna sound so we're gonna actually. Played the answer in reverse tends reverse psychology and ask what you think he said so for example this is practice. When we wrapped up our interview with Scotty mccreery yesterday. Did he say goodbye I hope to see you later. What do you say goodbye. Go get yourself a corn market they hear is the reverse psychology. Pummel the Google and volume I this year closure of air here. What do you think it's. He said. I'll. I. OK we'll see if you're right. Thank you very much you appreciate we don't have a good goma now. What I thought it was the drawn out and I know I was gonna sound okay. We'll get number one. We asked ladies Dave Haywood what his heaviest. Pet peeve it is best and easiest heaviest bet. There's nobody sat in reverse. Are you talking posthumous yet that this series. Should I don't know who. A Heussler psychology here. What do you think he said. Bad driver. Or slowed Reese does. I. Very one. Our reverse psychology on Dave Haywood of lady on the Sunni side. Oh my gosh Greece does that take too much time at a coffee shop. So you go to work your natural accent. Elect so we asked Darius Rucker. We are he decided. To do a cover of his classic song wagon wheel. This is what he said in reverse. Polish and a light blue books out there are there was a tough. What do you think he said to reverse psychology. At his daughter's talent show or on a treadmill. Where did Darius Rucker get the inspiration to cover wagon we don't. I was at my daughter's high school. Talent show and all die yourself the best. Dear stricker senate how to succeed in reverse there a a wanted to shock I know. You do like yourself and areas are I Alexa for clean sweep on the debut of reverse ecology we asked Lee the ease dean he would. If he'd ever Wear velcro shoes. Here was his response. They know when are we but he doubts our ideals are. Read your brains. Let's delirious. They do utterly buttery doubt ABBA deal marks. What do you think he said I will never Wear velcro shoes or about five years are well aware velcro shoes. It. Is it five years or did he would do where bill cro shoes in reverse. Probably about five years probably Wear them again. You did three out of three you're going to see lady in their velcro shoes and Darius Rucker. They're gonna be the mattress firm ample theater on August 25. Tickets for everyone else go on sale this Friday. Q so when loyal listeners get the resell code tomorrow elects them. Can look how excited you are. Lets you play it again that was Dave Haywood he's totally. Are we but he doubts about deals are. He's generally beyond the dive from the water boy farmer in coach that I ever found and you know yeah I do as. Like listening to you've gotta tread water there in the the coach Hana. Yeah I know exactly you're talking about. Let's have a great day danger of playing reverse psychology would Jon and Jimmy. Oh yeah.