Remembering John's Aunt Annie With John And Tammy

Friday, July 20th


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Just a little bit John's gonna actually have to Levy has to get into an airplane end up flat to Chicago. Because one of your lovely it's passed away and if any was also. A member of our show she was three mama Barbara my mother in law. Mama Barbara was our Olympic correspondence but before Barbara there was sweet. In India and my aunt Annie diesel back. Background a self made it successful businesswoman and she started a company in 1980 her own as a female on time. In Chicago called focus scope. And built that into but you know a very successful business that are fairly mostly her son that still runs to this day. And Sarmiento emotional must sadly she passed away this week. And down she died from dementia. And it was the same dementia that. By the abroad only as was diagnosed with called Louie body dementia. And it's a horrible way to go thankfully while she was suffering from this disease. It didn't fully get her yet so she was sometimes able to have conversation for a little while but she was also very deeply into the disease at this point. And in thankfully she did pass in her sleep. So. We are mourning her but we all are also very much celebrating her life because we know that she's a much better place she's the ending that we know. And down. She's doing this but I can't wait to get Chicago. To cry into laugh because we are gonna do plenty of all that we are gonna eat you know we're gonna keep its Italian funeral after all. Let's turn it a little bit of it any when she used to do our Olympic Medal count. Thank you thought that I thought. Deadline July and any time that I do yes. Howard doing great and any guys we found out yesterday you're quite the jet setter you in Chicago now are you in his suburban Massachusetts are you across the pond in London. Wow. Highlighted yesterday. Not that big picture the very end of the week and now I'll bet he's got a. Okay very casually with taking over a taking time with your man friend to to hang out with us this morning. I'll look at into appropriately that you and other western. Many things we know we got a little yeah. That's I. We're it will happen yeah well and thanks to you we sure are you're becoming world famous. You got your own Tweeter account. Trigger. A little bit. At. And any OLY where your constantly keeping a something you know what's going on in in in the London Olympics in your personal life. It is quite charming becoming quite the superstar. Well you know it's their dollars and greatly and I wanted to did you guys get deep debt. You're just adorable and Obama's the audio we got the one hole because that something didn't end well I guess oh really I mean I'm a friend that I'm not. I'm I think time kind of ditched her so long. All because Tony Tom Toms and idiots right here is an idiot usually self made millionaire dollar NASA rate cut. Our. Larry you can say that. Well John safe travels and on enjoy your family and enjoy this time even though it is for a sad reason it's also a fantastic way to celebrate who she was yes thank you for. Not taking over for the rest of the day for me thank you in control the kind words just after we said this authority pouring in so I really appreciate that.