Remembering 9/11 From Someone Who Was There

Monday, September 11th


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Chris turner has been with kissel insist before radio was invented which is super career and at because you have premonition it's my turn into. Well now you are also an amazing storyteller and a person that basically is an experience seemingly in every monumental event it's crazy with such an incredible life my friends' column by Forrest Gump moment is really is if you are right. Last hours I had quite a few forced the elements so you were in Manhattan. Each win and everything went down you're out there for a film festival the night before. We were with mayor Giuliani it was two rows in front of them watching a documentary filmmaker in the documentary film in the New York independent film possible. On September 10 the night before nine men who can't forget mayor Giuliani and Malia and taking control and it. Do wow yeah skilling sold much hope in such a dark day so Chris when you the next day obviously when all this came down where were you exactly. I was at the hotel I had died in buy into the night before and so I did not go with reference Susie and Steve there was a breakfast the next morning with mailer mayor Giuliani supposed to be there. Since his client was a documentary filmmaker and his father's Peewee Reese the out of the famous baseball player and so they were Gannett. They were erected a statue and I believe it's it's up now in the the park that's there at city hall and so there was a breakfast that Morton. Interesting side note to that week before ripper supposed to go to New York City. That breakfast had originally been scheduled for the windows on the world restaurant the World Trade Center. And ten days before we got there the mayor's. Appoint a secretary Paul by different Susie and said. The mayor's gonna be busy that day. Because we're too in the lunch down in the park okay that same afternoon could we do the breakfast there is welcomes a roller reset this yet again a problem oh wow so they were supposed to be delusional World Series owner mark grease all of the people. Jackie Robinson's widow was was there as well. Would have all been in in the windows on the world restaurant we found out later on about two months later that that bad they had rebook to group that that day for breakfast. To use the restaurant nobody survived a lot like him but so Susie and Steve were down there they were whiff. We recess without. With mark his wife and all those people. When the when the first plane hit. And and Susan was actually taking pictures and if you saw my face them today and she was taking pictures of the the tower on fire because they thought it was a commuter. Playing that he had a smaller plant in the tower. Wind the second tower hit I was not far away. I was watching it with somebody and ice saw. So watch for the first building on fire and Axl sort of flyer rounds and I'll never forget it was a guy from Phoenix and we were talking. And I said. Do you think that helicopters going to be able to lay hands on the building with all of that smoke because what helicopter civil like that it helicopters that might be plucking people off the top of the building. And about the time I said that. The plane came around. And I. What I thought was a helicopter. It dipped its wings I'll never forget it was flying straight and it dipped sideways movement I saw the wings. Turn sideways and before it even reactor realized it was a plane hit it slammed into the second tower so we can he just screamed. So we know all more fun it is to see on TV media. I remembered vividly watching an exact moment when tailoring a new straight talking and I. To this day don't remember how I didn't swear or I don't remember Wei did act like soccer I scream out loud I'm very expert coming out your had a hard time keeping it together now this is something that we. It's our duty to to inform younger people that I'm the never forget we always say that it's so true. Especially because there's so many thousands of first responders who survived that day who are so sick today. Because of all the stuff they breathe in savings only America facets of its own people in general it's again it's on its rule twelve mere days. It was a it was a really strange state and privacy got separated from my friend's room and the cellphones to work rain and I couldn't hold them I didn't know where they work hard and that frontier if I was to your five. And so I kept going back to the hotel and putting you know on the door and telling where was I went yes go get some eat my play thing you know. It wasn't about 230 in the afternoon. I'd gone back and it was funny that no was still on the door so I didn't think they were in her. And I opened up the divorce her and neighbor both in there are high and they were covered in in. There were covered in concrete dust Susie kept once she wants to hope she had in relation to chew on she bluster purse she'd lost her. Cellphone and now we just all. Wrapped each other and and and we had a speaker with Friedman a key player to me how we a lot of pierce can't stand we have a lot of pierce what a load what a flood of relief that must have. Come over you when you open that torrents on them yeah. Seriously the center relief was like I knew I had to get older my mom mornings I knew she would beat Penn so panicked. And obviously like you said the self poston word and down I don't know why I thought of this all the land mines were just absolutely overwhelmed and at the time the radio station at 800 number we had a for a clients to call on her front desk. It's our ticket the pay phone and I called. This 800 number and rate it was so early in the morning here was like 6:30 in the morning person in the building as you guys and are engineered JR. And I knew his extension his attention he picked up the phone and he said he calls me tuna instant turn Ernie says two weeks of my god we're so worried about your said. I need to get ahold of my mom I don't know if I'm gonna get another line and is a key to a three way call two called my mom's office and her office me that she shared an office with picked up the phone he said oh my god Chris he put your mom's worried sick I said I notice that she's already left and I said. You have to give me a favor to keep calling her home until she gets home means because I don't know if I'm gonna go another life that has turned out I didn't. He kept calling until a whole lot in the interest income was about. Four days later when cellphone started coming back up I have like eighty voice on our path and I'll never forget peace panicked. Yeah couple yeah. From mom yeah so worried about. Now I hope. Anyway so I was grateful to a lot of people that day and and you know. And people say one thing about New Yorkers I've never found them to to be anything but kind and what a day that was everybody came together people handing out things. People just really did come together. On that date in the continue to we are stuck here for a week afterwards and I'd never seen so many acts of bouts of tightness yes and they still do sixteen years later. Animosity is so horrible to be there for that week afterwards and were watching you know we're watching that same thing with people helping each other with all the stuff with the with the hurricanes in its incredible. You know and as you're telling the story and thinking about how any of people who serve. Marines navy here that we need who say that's the day they decided to listen we talked to countless thousands of people. Thank you so much for us for your story and a infidel an amazing life you've led you got any good stories to write. I'm traffic's okay I got my got a great work great for the match after we it and there's a very good in that star yeah I wanna play there Russell and it all right never forget. OK we can't say enough.