Real or Fake News - September 13th, 2018

Thursday, September 13th


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Visited the real reason both. I've always wanted to see as much or ever have so here we go let's go to the phone as. Hi John Tammy. Hi wishing you. Art all right Don recall on from. I. Yeah. Okay. Perfect and and that's tough traffic to net rusher is. Real or fake news stories correct definitely win tickets to Disneyland for you and your family as part of the summer 101000 tickets we got three stories for you. Two of them are fake one Israel your job is to guess the real. From the fake. News are your ego potential true story number one. Woman in San Diego shocked when she found out that thieves came and stole her lawn yes her lawn. Dude I didn't mean that kinda grassroots. Retail. Or big news. Potential true story number two. Two men were shocked to find their fishing cabin was ransacked while they were out fishing only to find the thieves took that cat litter box. When you absolutely. Positively. Have to have used to hit it. The real. Or fake news. Potential true story number three. Police searching for three robbers who hit a 7-Eleven. Stealing away the candy on the racks then they came back into steel whistler B two. Have you her hand. A cheery slippery. Mixed with the coaxing her pay. Oh my god so good. So refreshing. Still love this diet that I thought if I'm sorry I just went somewhere in my head. Or fake news. All right which one is the real one dawn. Why aren't very elected know we want. Dude I didn't mean that panic grass. Get high tops and a little that's exactly right. I hear that saying it happened right here in the paradise hills here in San Diego. Or Madonna Haynes had a 650 pounds pool of turf that was dropped off from a contractor under her long they are gonna Reese odd her front lawn. Right in the middle of the day a neighbor's surveillance camera recorded the footage of two men pulling up in a truck. And attempted to show of that giant spool into their truck. It's stuck out sixteen feet from the back. But they did they end up driving anyway how many guys this is really heavy amounts of late. Right they took off with the turf dragon behind him on the truck her cat that's crazy. With the final kick at Ohio office the other half. And pop up crime goes up up. All right sweetheart congratulations. You are able to tell you about the real from the fake news and that means you have. A family four pack of tickets. To Disneyland. So there's so much going on now and Halloween under way. Halloween town space mountain ghost galaxy it's going to be a fantastic time. Don we thank you it's real or fake news that's a bonus down for you during canceling summer 101000 tickets okay coming up next the bachelor and paradise is. Chris and crystal and John Jimmy.