Real or Fake News - October 5th, 2017

Thursday, October 5th


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Visited real brief opening statement to yeah well some would say that we being inundated alive with big news as of late let's see how. Train we are at identifying. Real stories with fake news we got Alexander ilk are only doing Alexander. I'm tired I just got outward. Oh man and what do you do for living running. I'll thank you for that right on. I Alexander we've got three stories for you want Israel to our fake news your job is to guess the real story of the three okay. Already are I'm to start things off. Men dressed as Coca-Cola bottle robs fast food restaurants. Real all fake news. All right Alexander. A 41 year old woman had the winning lottery ticket worth over three billion dollars on Friday night but showed up short anyway on Monday in little president I'm her boss's desk. Real. Or fake news and Mahesh can. It was announced that all Koreans in order to honor a leader Kim Jong-un must Wear Kim Jong Hoon underwear and will be subject to strips churches that are I to Alexander real or fake news find the real story of those three please. I'm gonna say. It's a lottery ticket. Is that the real story to the woman win the lottery thing coming up unpleasant package. Under boss's desk. And now. Matt that was the most shared it fake news story on FaceBook realize that yes vagueness total fat on ice. Further out why and that there are a lot of people actually Alexander I was telling you the real news story a man apparently had their all of cat suit that the custom store idea. Released footage of monopolies released footage of an armed man dressed up as the Coca-Cola bottle of robbing a fast food restaurant Robert got a limited to 500 dollars cash. He fled the Grammy event and the restaurants offering a 5000 dollar reward for information leading up to the arrest and conviction of the Coca-Cola bandits have that hit it that way and. And Ira are probably pretty happy yeah.