Real or Fake News - November 9th, 2017

Thursday, November 9th


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Visited real brief both. Yeah. We'll see if Monique in El Cajon can determine which is which can Moya Monique. Trying. To do well this morning. He has this you know and then the lovely trap yeah. Hopefully this will help out two stories are fake marriages and one is real you got to guess the real one okay. All right Monique just because you think it's funny doesn't mean your neighbors do a man in Nebraska has been sentenced to four years behind bars. Repeatedly sending strippers to his neighbor's front porch over a three year period he said this special gift. 75 times. Real. Or fake news. All right professional golfer Tiger Woods has been court ordered to undergo seven paternity test after new women who came forward. Bet they had his V. Still don't strong as far as that part of his game real. Or fake news. All right Monique the feds arrested a Wall Street stockbroker. Who claimed he was able to turn his 800 dollar investment into 350. Million dollars. Because he was quote in time traveler so what a quantum leap and finances and real or fake news. Monique which ones the real story of the three. I. Outbound so. I. All possible. Say. Do not. You know I did this and an Indy five. These bills wondering. Where's the need to do. But I think what they know. I. And didn't like what happened a year yeah. I'm a few opening. You know every time you go. Well this is the twelfth time in Arabic and you make telling Kevin right up there on the front. Like one in Nebraska and her well yeah right. Yeah cornhuskers state after all. Oh when it becomes kind of boring to let go again yeah. It relates to the 75 Donny Bender is. I'm very well done. The real from the fake new isn't an and then maybe prize for hanging with us this morning yep we're gonna do up with a pair passes to join us this Sunday it's John anti Amy's hometown heroes cruise. Sold LB bruised thank you. Adobe tunes all kinds of funds suffered kicks off at 230 on Sunday. I am saying is let. And a reminder to you have a chance to win tickets at the sold out country fast kiss on such a fast Christmas too. And that goes for everybody this ticket is this show is a private cruise you wanna go to key is when dot com go ahead and buy discounted tickets him thank you Tim yes you need all the information Kia soul and dot com. This course and it feel any.