Real or Fake News - November 2nd, 2017

Thursday, November 2nd


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There isn't real pretty bold faced yeah. Well people some people believe you're being inundated with fake news let's see how well Jenny in PV can differentiate what's real news. And one is fake news three stories Jenny one of them is real. Great for this. Or ride 45 year old genus Smith. Was captured by officers of the Detroit police department. For supposedly catching various swirls. And preparing them to attack in insult her previously art 51 year old James Robinson. Attacking squirrels real or fake newsmen. At. An alert has been issued as a nation my black out will be enacted by the department of and November 4 through this six. This Saturday through Monday in electromagnetic. Pulse thrilled at her and everyone needs to prepare for it. Electromagnetic pulse of the real or fake news here ago. After seeing heated know whether he should cut profits fingers or take away his own a judge and how he gave me and the unconventional sentenced. I'm writing a 144. Compliments about his ex. Fingers or phones in real or fake news. Or out there are pretty crazy story and which ones I'm very London. Donna I'm gonna got yours. It woman actually trains. Rules become an army marching swirls to attack. You know I thought I'd share on FaceBook my friends are sharing that story to guess what. Completely. Completely they news and it totally caught someone that we know who actually sent the story to producers look at this it's totally fair totally doctor. That the black out is Mac gonna happen. Going on is that they do this every year Dave Dave prepare for something like that has not we won't be affected at all don't delivery. Finger story to sell a judge now he gave this mean and the unconventional sentence of ordering him to write a 144. Compliments. Now his acts lie because this roller 144. Nasty text messages. And called her and repeatedly. Did things like that the judge said quote. It's childish to pick a grown man to be sold on the happy. I don't know weathered copy your finger or take away your phone to get you to stop taxing you probably should have a phone period I hope she changes her numbers in here the other thing. For every nasty things about her you're going to see and nice thing you know repeating words. Only god it's a difficult task he had to go and the mutilation which he hustles photography decent days in jail for your side I just on the new songs literally anymore. All right Jenny indeed you can differentiate the real or fake news I guess it's hard for almost nowadays. Because. You would try it you get appeared tickets to the Debbie Debbie smack down five it happens Tuesday December 5. At the valley view casino center. In a week like that yeah. Now my. Unless Tammy also just told you fake news to know all I did how guys are good. That was her I thought all right getting this was a giant him in the morning and K as Selanne.