Real or Fake News - May 24th, 2018

Thursday, May 24th


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There isn't real brief opening. Let's see if she knows in his downtown Beijing on my. Three stories for. Tammy Jess and I will read them to you one of that is the real story to our make your job to determine the real news from the week news or Tina. This a year ago. All right scene at 21 graders in new York and having their lemonade stand shut down. After it was discovered they weren't selling lemonade they were selling moms Mike's Hard Lemonade. Chinese students gets lost that against any student gets stuck money sauce a real. Or fake news. And you're next week. A young girl in taxes Tina wrote a letter to the police department saying she was glad her mom was pulled over 'cause quote. She deserved it movies. Getting a ticket kidneys grounded till she's thirty that really. News. Now got behind account McDonald's in Michigan. Started making himself an ice cream sundae islands and want something done right you're doing yourself up. Even your. Rich. Or fake news. Our idea. Where is the real I don't know. I think the first one about the lemonade stand Israel. Kids getting also lost a mom is hard hard Mike's lemonade and had me and am now this girl's grounded till she's 38 o'clock Carlo. And they're encouraged starts he's a I don't rat hole sheer Texas. An elementary student wrote thank you letter to the cops. For pulling over his mom check this out. Dear folds your police officer thank you for pulling my mom over because she deserved it because she. My photo awake and it got. It gets and how she always bragged about good driver she is and it doesn't really meet and other one time she got pulled over because she did not have an easy sticker on her window in which he came home and she told me I just after pop pop pop. I'm gonna. This yet did little girl I know it's on the alloy. Okay yeah yeah gotten wow ya in big trouble definitely in big trauma and a congratulations you gauge of in the real or the fake news he couldn't get today Butler each agree prize. Just for playing with us during gears on summer 101000 tickets. Thank you we are we're gonna set you up a text Kosier San Diego Padres take on the Cincinnati Reds June 3 plus it's a salute to the military game. You're not.