Real or Fake News - March 8th, 2018

Thursday, March 8th


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Let's see if Jackie can figure that out hijacking in El Cajon. Admitted their oh so here's the deal lead to the story. Two of our stories are fake one is really your job to speak the real news from the fake news okay. In my back Tammy. All right. 23 is in the west village neighborhood of Manhattan in New York are staying warm. Thanks to crow shades sweaters. Big Apple trees toasty things didn't really grow shaving club. Real. Or fake news. Jackie ducks. In Chicago. Are being outfitted with web warmer is for their feet so they don't become stuck in the city fountains. Ducks clock his Stoppard toasty to clothes and next on their talks go that way. Or fake news. And Yankee activists are building air conditioned car always courting danger spotted lizard that lives in that belly who cannot regulate their body temperature a living making eat off court wizards. Did you import wizard. Visit that's belly were our lizards are Chu and. Real. Or fake news. I am going to say that number Q is it news the dot with the little. Things through their webbed feet. You're afraid. You take the rail or yet you don't real when you think is a real. Pat I'm gonna go with. Number why this credit for the trees. Do you. With the word activist in California that you'd pick the condos 1%. Busier and those true. Residents have been pro Sheen colorful sweaters for the tree trunks even residents say those colorful grads. On two dozen trees has increased business and foot traffic. And they said they had started the specs Bakken Thanksgiving because they were quote board not a lock up. I. When you found that the weirdest and I was like you know about probably promote. It's probably true because that Arab weird tree sweaters on and weirder than lizard condos. California now your eyes yeah. Affording housing and anything goes. Heckling wizards can't afford the candles either they're moving on the sting all right we have thirty dollars free to spend that on the border Mexican cantina. Them. Yeah I think it so my year in my day all right and essential and is remember our back. For just nine many men think eject your play a real or fake news John and Tammy on moral 37 K as Selanne.