Real or Fake News - March 22nd, 2018

Thursday, March 22nd


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Business real brief opening fate you fate new Lindsay and Cameron who determines in San. Goes what's up camera. While and boy that's for our news flash I think. I've camera we got three stories here three news stories one of them is real two of them are fake your job Cameron in San Marcos is determine which is the real story from the fake news stories okay. Our. All right a man an Amarillo Texas literally found gold in the trash can at 7-Eleven after digging through their garbage infighting mean million dollar winning scratch off ticket. There is gold. And possibly a slippery condemned their cans the real. Or fake news. Two elderly women and Boca Raton Florida ended up in up this fight at a bingo game when one accused the other of cheating. Grannies dirty England could get gas to Damon who thrill. Or fake news. And finally came in New Hampshire lottery change their slogan from a lock you out after pro sanity concerns and New Hampshire. And do. Real. Or fake news food I don't know. Or which. Which one is the real story Cameron. Now that they've got those years. To go with the uranium fighting. Is it granny it's fighting in getting kicked out of bingo. Correct my friend could not determine the real from the fake videos and it was not the man digging in the trash either be real careful about the story yes prison staff I think New Hampshire lottery Cameron the commission is concerned people have dirty mild side. Because they do very place they're slogan lock you out with these super creative wind time. I. Your commission probe that named you wind I would. Are you kidding me. After you've completed so what people were swearing with lock you out. When we didn't try. That's the real story imminent. Fed to hold up to people to come back and they didn't and couldn't get the real from the fake news but we're gonna hook you up anyway Cameron's it. Out at me. It's such a good time you know. Is that it would appear ticket demand Diego wide in food festival it's coming to liberty station on April 14. Where you can check out 300 winds in food samples from some of CDOs. Hot shots everyone else get the pre sell video tickets now and save ten dollars by entering KS a what is the promo code that you deer get those for free. We attack. Given the a lot of aria okay. All right well. Think I wish I cannot think anybody who real or fake newsman John intending on 1037 KM Selanne wind try to think.