Real or Fake News - March 15th, 2018

Thursday, March 15th


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Visited the real reason both state yeah. Good morning Austin the morning I got three stories here Austin. Reached at tell you wanted to these stories. Completely bogus that he fake news one of Israel you are your job is depict the real story. From the fake news okay. Well found you know face the new. Present an article. I write us in a man dressed up as spider can't stop the potential armed robbery at 7-Eleven in Illinois. By tripping him and then tied up while waiting for the police it's lady's stops stooge stealing a slippery and or fake news. Okay Austin. Well singing let it know a man dressed as frozen Alice. Was caught on video helped push out a police truck that was stuck in a snow bank in Boston. Picasso. Is not. Real and. Or fake news. And finally Austin fifth graders Emerson elementary school were disappointed when told they could not Wear masks. Or make up when they dressed as their favorite superhero. With a Damascus it's a weird kid wearing a cape and I'm real. Or fake news. Lol I'm originally from Illinois but don't think it's as Spiderman and why now what I heard about it. It is I go it. A go at the last one. Am I telling you the real news from the fake news. Don't know. And is it as a matter of fact you can go on about videos like yes you're guy's name is Jason Triplett one I was in south al-Qaeda to. And he decided to go out drinking and also not because as you know they're on their third round of blizzards there are. And because staying inside during the blizzard was giving him quote cabin fever. So you get the art Drake and alpha brass and winds rain also dressed produces. What did as he was bored and yet he said during the blizzard he thought it would be funny and always has held cell with this is an own pros yeah. Frozen out so he's at the bar on the backs some Beers he looks Saudi sees a police truck stuck in the snow bank. I'll go help them out and it course after he's pushing rowdy singing. It can. Well let all the videos really cute. Listen I. I'm gonna to balance his. We get you where I know it's no out of there. A bigamist indulgence. They'll now. All right Austin could not determine the real or fake news this morning but it would just be downright rude to not give you prize ring on this this morning is totally true probably such you have to go see Brad Paisley. That salary here he'll be here Friday July 20 that mattress firm input Peter kiss when loyal listeners are gonna Freescale code today. And everyone else can buy their tickets starting tomorrow. But that being Austin we appreciate selfish play real or fake Newsweek Jon and Tammy 1037. KS on.