Real or Fake News - June 21st, 2018

Thursday, June 21st


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Is. Lexus is and Chula Vista Lexus. Good morning to you but the real or fake news got three stories here to the stories fake one Israel your job is depict the real. From the fake news stories are right. Okay would you please start I certainly well a man in New York. Didn't get very far after stealing a painting and art gallery when someone noticed the large rectangle shape underneath your shirts. Is that it priceless painting under your shirt or are you just rock. Or fake. And again and again and restoring your Lexus roundup. Oh beloved Phoenix tried to paper her purchases at chart target with cash. Only cash not. Please jury might tune dog end of the two men atop that are winning in the car. Richard Rick and ripple. Or fake news. And finally I elect is what I thought. He's shop at the bit here Alexis. Only a thief and arkansas' stole his waitresses credit card and then attempted to play. For his bill. At the restaurant she was working yet from. Yes I'd like to pay my credit card yes I am a 55 year old waitress named flora Eddie House I am a total idiots and retail. Or fake news. All right Alexis. Now what is the real story from the history. The real story but hey I thank when it. Your story out of your carry out. Did a dude in Arkansas attempt to pay a restaurant bill using the credit card of his waitress. Actually your 100% right yet that's the real news story. Police knew something was up when the waitress herself called the cops who said I have no desire to pay for this fellow's meal yeah you. About how much joking about any of this other top rather incredulous leases the driver's license. As the elderly has her picture on it therefore you'd think he should have known what she looked yeah. Yet he still handed her own credit card when she was his server and awaited at a restaurant he still hurl personal OK okay all right all right so he's told her purse. And then he ended up at a restaurant she worked out what the odds I handling it not his favorite that's for sure isn't Pine Bluff, Arkansas subtleties to meet choose a choices there but yes he. He is the idiot and you Alexis are not eat correctly identify what was the real from the fake news and we got that sweet for yet. During the paso in summer of 101000 tickets we do a family four pack of tickets to add doubles only rodeo July 13 that the lakeside rodeo grounds. We appreciate you Alexis thank you solicited John intently during real or fake news. Some are 101000 tickets on sending as number one Purdue country 137.