Real or Fake News - July 19th, 2018

Thursday, July 19th


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Visited real brief bullets. EJ in the heat beat. We'll see if I. Am great thank you for asking or you. All right welcome to real or fake news got three stories to our fake one is really your job depict the real. From the fake news okay. The real story can it all right CJ a woman in San Diego stamp demand in the leg after seeing a drop this chill while on the sidewalk. Will come to America's finest city. Unless you drop your up. Before instead of you when the only real. Or pick news. I'm Manning cat in Ohio is so upset that the garrote collector. Garbage collectors kidney. Missed picking out his recyclables he went to city hall and dumped at Manny dump trash actually in the city hall of. They'll make news. I. And finally teenage girl in Houston CJ had a fit at a make up counter which you couldn't return used to make up so she took her lipstick and see. Should all of the cosmetics counter. And she is place is so locate lame I. Oh it's never coming back again very on fleet. We. The real. Or fake news. When's the real one it was a pity I. Garbage men the real story. You know unfortunate. Lee it's the woman's CN big Al nice little story. Yeah so what guy is walking down own ninth avenue according to police he's got a Shalala. And he accidentally dropped his dog of course he's not a monster right in Charlotte. Like they always do a woman have when it's volume. It. A woman happened to see this out her window she screamed at the guy but that wasn't enough she came running down the stairs. Into this street and stabbed him in the thigh. Now cool he had it I all right for a hundred million a superficial wounds so he'll be just fine in the news like. It was a total accident she took off but they end up finding her but apparently but how might your albeit. Obviously he didn't do it on purpose I'll say it again that is very on fleet into. Honestly I am. I know you're using completely wrong OM and click of your eyebrows are perfect they're on sleek exactly well this was on fully because it wasn't perfect it was horrible and CJ doesn't talk much easier Gerlach and what. I. Mistress and John Madden and I don't know maybe girl. As DJ thing yeah I'm real or fake news you didn't get it rival were to give the nice prize that is so and summer 101000 tickets you that we are have a pair of tickets OC Mirren more she's opening for Niall Horan on a Friday August 17. At mattress firm ample theater. All. That. You do she loves you back I heard that she told me personally it's leak at statements.