Real or Fake News - July 12th, 2018

Thursday, July 12th


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Oh. Can embryos in Mission Hills morning Andrea. And my own. There's already name on what is how they do you think you are telling. Real from fake news. Are. Our. Elliott that aren't exactly we have three stories for you two of them are fake one is really your job as a peak V reel from the fake news and we will start with you to Tammy. All right you re a Saint Bernard in upstate New York just set a record by having a litter of wind T five healthy puppy off. Bol while Bol I know her comments and tired. Thrill. Corporate and business. Camry a man in Thailand to reason walked into his bedroom. Only point the finest snake. Eating his wives lingerie. Sneaky snake slips and it's something slick ES. Yeah. Make news. It every paleontologists in Greece were recently shocked elated when they found out. When they found ancient remains of a set top. While half man half horse all off some city. Real. Or fake news. Our camera three possibilities which one is the real from the fake news. Aren't all. That. Is that the puppies. I do have to tell you the record by the way is 24. Help Arnold's lack of order and not 25 no man imagine walking in your bedroom to find a giant. Golden trees sneak ingesting your wife's globes are praying. 080. The video shows the man pulling on the snake tale cause you to read urgent need a lingerie and all whatever it everyone's agreement yeah. He's safely released the sneak outside of his home but. And meanwhile is why it was super and become a sneak looked in her own right how can I yeah. I know we're gonna set up. The pair of tickets to the party at Del Mar for opening day of the racing season that happens July 18. And this is going to be our great experience tickets include the stretch run in mission. And then exclusive access to party with a lounge and craft Beers at cocktail bars photo booths and more are right. Are. Hemmer enjoy that so much they complain real or fake news is a bonus stuff today on the summer 101000 tickets with John and Tim in the morning. 1037 KS ON.