Real or Fake News - January 18th, 2018

Thursday, January 18th


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Visited real brief opening statement yeah yeah. Welcome to read into a distant morning arena. You're welcome because president trump yesterday a new releases and this is true. His of fake news awards season. We have another segment of real or fake news. Yes but just all I need to know who won his fake news award in elders there are several of a new angle on CN OK you got eleven of them. Anyway so what we're gonna do this year three stories. Two of them are fake one Israel your job spirit is to spot the real one staff why don't you go first. Area doesn't even mark is known for their upscale products says there's cookie recipe for sale that cost. Under fifty dollars. You haven't along with their diamond encrusted coffee mug super expensive cookie real. Or fake news. All right you remember us talking about the winner of that one single powerball in Florida that young man twenty year old Shane miss Larry. He is giving an opportunity for the first 50000 people to follow him on Twitter to get. 5000 dollars real Nuys generous lottery winner rail. Or fake news. Reid as of airplane bathrooms aren't already the worst. Imaginable that's overflowing. United Airlines flight had to be diverted on the way to Hawaii because the toilets quote reached capacity and we're overflowing. Too much play in real. Or fitness. I rate at which one Estes told you the real. Story. Our. I. I don't know why I think telling me it's the lottery I. Romney. Is your answer. Yet. And some wind it created a fake Twitter account with his name. And said the first 50000 people follow me will give money it's not true kid did not do it's. So don't fall for that unfortunately what is true is my story he they had a full. This is this the worst I get very far everyone loves airplane bathrooms anyway don't they bring but this one not a passenger aboard United Airlines flight from Devern allies in the airline quote ruined a lot of people's vacations. After it failed to service the plane's bathroom supposed to have happened before they didn't do an oral take off. It left Denver just before noon has to be diverted to San Francisco after quote the laboratories reached capacity. Paused to vomit. And they said because of the switch flights and that flight was delayed more than eight hours. Because there hope on the plane you know what you'd take that eight hours over sitting on a plane with too much to c'mon. Am I can't wait you can get the meanest market scout cookie recipe for free on their side and caught. And I. Our hire us our area thank you hope your educated a little bit and thank you for playing real or fake news with John and Jimmy on 137 Kenya's Noah and for doing as bad you are gonna get a pair tickets to go see Miranda Lambert every fifteenth at VA house arena. Not you yeah yeah. That's real news and jump articles on show can't wait. Appreciate you take that it's 830 would jump into any 137 Q so when.