Real or Fake News - February 22nd, 2018

Thursday, February 22nd


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Let's see if Nicole and El Cajon and can to terminate calls going. Out Greg Greg oh. You know why there. Yeah you find think you have you've been watching the Olympics. Watching it on man it's been so fun yeah Louis tyranny has all right I'll. Yesterday but love downhill and the you know that. It's been great so we got three stories concerning the Olympics two of them are fake news one Israel your job is depict the real from the fake news all right. All right let's start. Vomit did you know by the way that team Bermuda had a last minute change to their uniforms. Because the pants for their original team outfits were ruined at the bottoms so they decided were Bermuda let's turn amended Bermuda shorts. Bermuda skiing team shows it in real. Or fake news. Nicole German Olympic athletes have been drinking lots of not alcoholic beer and a sports medicine doctor says that's why they've been so six well at the Olympics this year. Germans six feet but not flawless to skim the top. Or fitness and and finally they called. Kim Jones whom and Donald Trump impersonators. That showed that the opening ceremonies ended up being rejected it after they got into a fist fight. The president for dictate. It after boxing real. Or if they did last. I need to hear something about iron from impersonators. But it looked at right Ronald. I'm it can't. The Bermuda shorts. Serbian or short. Hey yeah that's been Aikman and Joseph Torre was also fake I felt that one and I'm not a I'm though you have to rely on the pop. Up. It. Nickel all the sports medicine got here for the all the German Olympic ski team. Not that the athletes during not alcohol and beer had Europe upper respiratory infections. OK so they were healthier that way time and the beer significantly reduce it he Indonesian rain which helps athletes recover quickly. Okay I'm. Not out liquid that could make it home yeah. What's that that did not know all of German Beers really want our heavy alcohol they. Yeah I was. Just on the only. At least the curling event when the husband of the curler was double distinct usually eat the more when you bring our time by Brett. That's true crowing fan right now as they don't know if they're right. You couldn't determine what was the real with a fake news or would you leave here without a prize c'mon that would be polite. We're gonna set you up and the second row to the WW eat this Monday at valley view casino center. That Auburn paid so much you know I can't I can't wait and you're welcome the producer Jessica is that why it's well. Oh sure you wanna. See that. Thing your guy V thing you're expecting you want as busy world's. Yeah. Totally as yeah. Or so and I make no that the real or fake newsman joins him in the morning of 137 designed.