Real or Fake News - December 21st, 2017

Thursday, December 21st


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Great pretty bold. Just go to Alexis and memorial Lexus. Alexis how are you up. Here and so you can spot the difference between real and fake news. Armor for a war. Or that we've spoken yet to look at it easier for today because there's just not with us. So it's 5050 chance what was as a real news story you tell us which when you think is the real as opposed to speak to a good start. Right police busted a frat party and said that there was so much booze in the air inside the house. That the air inside the house registered appoint a one out of breathalyzer frat boy blue is hard to breathe. Real or fake news. All right Alexis. As of April 1. 28 teams face FaceBook will be launching no switch campaign. Anyone caught using profanity after that date weather account suspended. Pending investigation. No more cuts and on the FaceBook Rio. News. Mean is Tammy the fake news story all morning thing and let's find out. And then and now home and why you need it and give away as of April 1 2018. These coaches who blew it a FaceBook frank you know exactly now at this is actually true but I have questions about this story heard in the news media aha okay so it police came in and busted this big party they are all under siege. Occupied by 620 year old member is of the fraternity sigma alpha. At salons came. They said and I quote there was so much booze at the party that the air inside the house registered a point of one on a breathalyzer. But how is that possible. Or poor or when to tell you why because what do you have to do with the breath wiser you debris in the it was blowing my house there yes I don't know all animal that would work right maybe just. It is different type of of of detection device it's breathalyzer I heard breathalyzer I heard the story unity. That was my question do you personalize how a particular breathalyzer you have yeah right yeah and take it real went to a friend of mine who's a plea something real and I've used to blow pretty hard to do so I don't understand how that his party was called tequila Tuesday so you kind of understand. Hewlett Tuesday can attack college. The rest of us just call Tuesday RT I hit that. All right Alexis you could differentiate this morning between the real with a fake new is the village leader over Christmas Island nothing Kahan course where now we're gonna set you up with a pair of tickets in San Diego international. Joseph going on December 23 January 1 at the CDO convention center. There you go on a nightly crimson and Lexus have a great holiday and they keep playing real big giant. San Diego's number one for new country 1036. K so.