Real or Fake News - December 14th, 2017

Thursday, December 14th


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Tera as in PB we're gonna see if she can differentiates. It is a real. Statement. I dare. All right very well Merry Christmas to you. At three stories. One of us as a fake story to him. Real yeah. Hill is here and that's the hardest differentiate to fake one real your job to find the real among the thing is just glad that things off. Right if you shop at wal mart's. Nervousness than yesterday you have to check your receipts. Because. Their is a code that is appearing on the receipt it's spelled out jackets kind of unique JA JK eight ET. It's a fake charge and they are stealing your money so urging you to call the police. Is it rail. Or fake news tech. Parents be warned. The upside down okay peace sign. Is a sign that kids are using nowadays for drug communication of Coke and acid. If your kid does this hand sign it's their way of asking payments you have the goods. Is it real or fake news pants. Are you hearing now. A woman says she is in a relationship with her chandeliers. And that she is engaged to one net named Lou many here. Oh sweet lord has gone great skill. Or fake news. A little bit which was the real story there. Is Timmy is the real story. Of course. Everybody. And it'll be out there about somebody who's engaged chandelier in the management and you know what it is and here in California which you expect. And my aunt and via a man liberties or name. And she's engaged in the near that the chandelier she by a year ago on eBay site with the first night spent 538 dollars form. So. Obviously she's the only question is what makes him. As she decides against them. Her father is jewel and add his name portable chandelier. Portable chandelier. Right which actually six or bad but they're not engaged analysis aside. Let's just open the question is there whom. Point five channeling my style. Difficult to run the world doesn't African unity in the week to rest recover. And you da real one died in that inevitably your jobs are clicking here you're not engaged emotionally area. No I think he's a real. Smart and and then. Now and I've. Our old nicely done. Really good for you real or fake news Bahrain and you have dinner for two C you can take him out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse in Oceanside. With their award winning fault the bone ribs can't buy him cut steaks and legendary Margaret read. I don't think you get so much yeah. Have a great day day session bratwurst by the way over Texas Roadhouse. They played real or fake nude John and Jimmy wanna 37 KSL line.