Real or Fake News - August 9th, 2018

Thursday, August 9th


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Business real brief opening. They knew they knew. All right Korea is in Camp Pendleton today were a final of Korean can determine the real from the fake news good morning Purina. So here's the deal we got three stories for you. Two of which are fake one Israel your job is depict the real from the fake news all right Erica. Jamming an elderly couple in Canada were stopped at the border with pounds and pounds of brownies and cookies and cakes. The problem they are all hot add doubles. Hey young men. You do just like our grandson. Look at that cloud my low in my mind until. Well it. We're in trouble. I. Or fake news. An eighty year old Graham and Florida lists all upset about her haircut she purposely drove her car into the hair salon and. Grumpy nurture the gridlock clearly needs a tighter permanent. Or fake news. And finally to elderly man snuck other nursing home in Germany so they could attend. By heavy metal music festival he asks. Honda and bronze god you have a comeback. What could Rick hill. Or fake news. RI Korea. Let us have a which one is the real from the fake news. Every Obama the last. Our bonds and fry banging their head in Dusseldorf and yes it's a matter of fact they are. I ask you in Dusseldorf but everything else is true too old dudes escaped from there elderly home their retirement home there reported missing. They neither with a heavy metal festival by foot and public transport. And then they send them home when they were found there there are rocking all you do is freezing all kinds of stuff they mean that are right. And. I'd choose who think he was to do that just wanted to get their freak and screaming for vengeance on the. I agree go ahead do this through prevention and mental. Outlook. They'll listen you've got that you could determine if they couldn't. The real loose from the fake news. And because of that we're gonna cue up some sweet during kiss to a summer 101000 tickets were essentially a four pack of tickets to the boots in Duke's country fest whichever is a hard rock hotel downtown. On Sunday August 19. Anna Gilligan Audrey you're never too old to rock now next time let them now and the round rock. I agree I carry a pager went real baked into the giant Tammy 137 PM so glad.