Real or Fake News - April 26th, 2018

Thursday, April 26th


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Visited the real reason both. New Boston and horror and hope to determine. Whether it is a real or fake news going on Austin. Are not a lot of can't complain talent got three stories here two of us have a rough takes news stories one of us is the real story. Your job picked the real story from the fake news stories are right Austin. Good and who you are right hide here we go. We all know people love their garlic bread including you tumor Tom Scott who just launched a loaf of garlic bread in that outer space. To boldly go where no bread has gone before a real. Or fake news. Police in Tulsa Oklahoma pulled over and arrested a man after he was driving erratically and throwing apples at passing cars while jury may hear a yeah. Apple. And will she be a. Real. Or fake news. Finally Austin in a major turn of fate a free those trucks slammed into a sergeant Joseph cheese delivery truck in Flint, Michigan. Thank god no one was injured. If the free those truck and hit the cheese truck that didn't make she goes. Well that's a moon. Re out it's a fake news. It happened though it though Oklahoma guys bring to bear grown happily cart. On the and I did our I have is some of that's why did I hear all up. But the truth is you two bird Thomas guys can't why he said because everyone loves garlic bread. Made a big open garlic bread and attached it to a weather balloon with the go pro sent it out in outer space. And then it came back down and he'd hit the goal to. Thought I want a lot of you do I didn't see now. What was the goal to it I'm like garlic bread specifically he said because it is delicious now. And they wanted to see that being in outer space for two hours made a difference on how it did. I aliens are going to eat it in their return on their garlic breath no bite out of it's you can you can you can watch the video it's pretty bizarre with a loaf of bread and a little tray on the weather balloon with its cameras so if you go if you're YouTube guy his name is Tom Scott yes that's exactly what can it possibly call. It must have been torture for sure yeah wouldn't be wanna really messed with a guy who it was tested in a bite on that when it. Yeah yeah. Yeah it's. Little green fingerprint. Let's not illegal file here in the country and all I can tell you who was a matter please. All right today Austin could not determine the real the big news when you log any of the great prizes for hang with a thousand and dealing with us this morning as you are you can't afford a ticket to see the Padres take on the nationals on May seventh. Armand I doubt it very often we enjoy that very much thank you are playing with us this morning John and Tim in the morning I'm wolf 37 KM Selanne.