Real or Fake Comic Con Panel?

Monday, July 25th


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I can indeed doubt that many times walking around comic con over the weekend. I was impressed with everybody that was still in constant despite how hot it was. Yes the army scantily clad super heroes and heroines and that was awesome but they're also dudes like. The guy was just like Andrea from Harry Potter full on haggard Costa when I got hundred degree heat. All right Tanya would you sign economic yeah I'm here with Tom the Tom is is better known today as head grid that the lovable half human half giant. From the Harry Potter series haggard out. Tom organized religion. Refine pretty client first meet you guys saw it through a hub you said you've been here. The guys are looking for that yeah the girlfriend yeah we hope you look at who your friends yeah. I'd well it was interesting because I was gonna play a game and two of San Diego's finest police officers came up till today. We just saw the whole rest your group that and more like like what is he talking about this gobbled up by haggard I'm not really a drag is everything the most friendly character and her daughter to. But it turns out the police are letting him nor his friends are here what forum for Allah Allah found it helps to be tested here. Yes I didn't realize couple of Viagra. Yeah on the Harry Potter fans are and interact but it could you he was he seemed really nervous weird at first I configured Alfred. We realize why when he found his groove because the scifi channel was interviewing the whole lot of them yeah. Handouts and no wonder he was plagued I'm of the missed my shot. It's funny launching a record high got his robe and I run across in streets we can join up at the door and professor umbrage and everybody else that was there is a pretty cool looking car. Actually but we didn't get the game cl well you do as we play along with some really freaky clones yeah. At a fast graduate or free doubling up and down because they're dressed cutesy I guess see how they did with. Comic con panel real or fake. So I can't have freedom clones who are you lady. Been there for you ought to know in knowledge in things yeah I don't know I was there and I'm not afraid that they're adorable. Yeah it is a beautiful when you're not standing in line for these events what do you do in real life you're gonna say the office work. Teens. Connect with. My latest hello Mauricio well you know your comic con panels by playing in called comic con panel real or fake. Very simple Marie your panel. Coming to Israel and stayed here again. This week at comic con can you see the panel. Hey you got science in my fiction is that real or is that make. Israel. Can you see at comic con this year. Our panel entitled community relationships. For comics and librarian says they're real or fake comic con panel. I think we're. It is real. I do let's do a market you're so fun. What's for dinner behind the scenes of bat man's craft services menu. Comic con panel real or fake. Opinion that. And acorn it's vacated. Ladies were dressed like some kind of movie characters religious or not they just made up their own it and this is up more I think back to listen of those ladies I think if you do you would you. At a telling me. How perfect can either be long eyelashes like they had in their little overcast and our associate producer Jessica got super. You don't last week. She had a pretty big celebrity sighting. Kind of. It's just their parade live from downtown comic con and I am right now staring at just the back of Justin Timberlake and Jacob. And it doesn't really talk and Anna Kendrick about something anything that's. Then and their offense. It's so cool. That's meaningless they're getting interviewed for something but I can see Justin Timberlake to the cost the government up. Plunging. I'm dating session I'm Jessica I thought took a possible two very spot where she's on Justin Timberlake over the weekend. And I'm like literally at street level with no Blake is the balcony I mean that the UU yeah. I think it's about Connecticut as on CNET Kelly looking like you're kind of a Kook. Will Arnett comes out rain and on. I thought about it but I don't movie not a valid well I had. In the end it is man carrying. Then that's good. So we felt we fight a comic con aficionado. And see how well this person knows they're comic con panels mothers of comic con panel real or feet. Another edition of on the comic con panel real or fake out. I got Jeff Jeff who lives here in San Diego got native here at comic con what's the coolest thing bar none you've seen so far meant. It's. The giant adult swim. Like we. It pachinko machine what is it called with a ball. Lately don't like going Hillary's evil we need to go play a bit inside and it was this. Like elegantly it's like a giant statue that people were plains you've always enterprises were coming down doesn't. That. But considering yourself I imagine a comic con expert. You're not OK and so you should I have no problem knowing what's the real comic con panel which was fake. That'll be a struggle a so it's panels all right number one. Martyrs it needs people putting humans on the red planet is any real or fake comic con panel that's real. Had a 30. I actually believe NASA has a big. I have been showing here this year and the other rest Tyson's been doing a much disaster that it only brings sort of connected don't think that's real that's room. I'm looking old address I think he's awesome he's the nice job Jeff you're gonna reduce. Sitting at the perfect called peace a seamstress is its secrets. What are present real good cereal and I made up at stake. Yeah I'd say I'm particularly proud of that can't even though producers Jeff thought cod piece was a species of fish fry yeah. It's a good fish right. You don't want anything frying near the country's brazile we like your cod piece baked broiled or fried well. All right and finally the real or fake comic con panel snoopy for presidents and politics in peanuts. That is real I saw that yesterday we have Charlie Brown from president and it's it's Rock the Vote here they want everyone to vote and are an expert yeah. So you know the cod pieces now drivers are. I need to see a picture titled think you do. Cod pieces my. It's how to how to go out of your conspicuous. How to attached to the and Ontario on the men's pants to kind of accentuated the flight or in. Had this tag Eminem pulls a prominent pulled an image force him. It was actually submit and expose themselves when they're just moving horses from back in the day but as superheroes we've. Look at I do like a good finish trying to.