Pumping and Pondering: New Building Issues

Tuesday, January 23rd


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Every new mom knows exactly what the sound is proper proper. With the development. There it's just pumping and pondering if with a broad looser staff so we get off the air every morning will be behind the scenes stuff here when we get off the year good morning we all kind of three go our separate ways for awhile. I go to does decompose usually back we will we we we we work with coworkers not an abandoned building on the I would talk to people and just give anything. But what we talk on the show love their football school don't view that kind of stuff Tammy. Good putts it aside diesel walk around to get some fresh air precious stuff goes into your office closes the door and has a sign on the front of her Garza's. Come back later pumping them out it says please not pumping. Pumping gas at points and while doing so. Manages to get some work done on top of it the only U. Could multitask while providing nourishment for your child and they take video material thank goodness about it sometimes because pumping and pondering here's her latest edition. Proper proper. Cooking and thundering and eight pump. While at work I know it's been several months since I pondered but they could pretty big day and pondering because. My lefty in the off its movie to a brand new office. Ended it all big concept turn be keeping cool like Google where everybody needs to her ideas and there's no Walsh who needs walls and privacy and I know where my company I said to myself after I nursed might be EV one time minute airport bathroom. I will never going to happen again to nurse or pump. I shouldn't have to I think that's awful it but Al Wilson on record I don't own airport bathroom ever. Yeah. So yes there everybody. I'm going to be nothing in the open handset. Pumping hands under England produced there's you don't think about that that was well done by the way thinking about that though. Age we're living in California is aloft reverend pat answer a law that they have to provide you with some kind of. You respectful private plays for you pump right now I'm sure they find Embry my battery packing cases in electricity where I need to pump but I've kind of finally get into the sea laughter. Three guys and electricity we would they should all remember it was suggested the focus is still in the process of being built our entire floor I don't mean anything weird or disrespectful about this but your mama's delegates a weird thing. Can't you just building and in a promise to discover up in the studio is to the studio and that's the country with a it wouldn't matter us wouldn't come back. But I understand she wants eternal optimism into this by myself yeah. World into one the eighteen we can go to the airport was a police your dog to compete. You can't. Have a private room other than a bathroom and nurse and see little hubs being built in some airports exit which is very nice parent quite a place. Well I don't play staff I'd be underneath it registers a matter of we'll find a place and I'm sorry. Ignorant man question here but I'm being serious Claris home about eight months old eight months how long does it go and I pump until the babies a lot some moms are angered some the last button OK I try for a wide. Can I might write the first birthday and really quickly if I'm wrong Tammy but. Can do you have the ability to produce milk as long as you. Keep nursing if your body does yeah. Sudanese some women some women can produce for very long time someone and it's just not it just doesn't work out and I think. But just as long as you want to use this chicken beans and there's a clerical she was five if she wanted to hit by a puppet stage coach I can pump anywhere right. Yeah they're amazing guys listen we can't keep milk fresh in the fridge is reduced milk from your body that's just amazing to me.