Pumping and Pondering: Kids at a Bar

Monday, September 11th


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Producers staff when she is thinking of Christmas just can't sit still she's kind of but you're worse to me I'd like to multitask two and one of the things I hate doing is wasting time. He's standing around a waiting for something to be dotted eyes mean I watch it happen I watch it happen and drives Tammy I have to do any yes. Timely Easter so you know all of the baton owns some. Some might argue and I think wisely so that if a Wii a woman. Past two well for lack of a better phrase. Pump her breasts on personal for child which is working. That enough is not wasting time that's taking care to be asked to be done right not producer's death note and well you know how you have those random thoughts while you're doing chores are doing items right here worked really stupid song once you're ahead Maria well this is why we've come up with. Pumping and pondering with producers staff yet you. And mine pumping and boundary and that under my random thoughts welcoming network. Today M double is big. I'm like double shifting the gears in college though is your ZoneAlarm god could still do as a parent film. I tried it could have the hours that allow kids. And out here in California there are happy Allard that include a lot of food with a good deal. So while ago my husband I were pretty busy trying to find happy hour places that we could take our. Kids do. What we've heard all that walking and learned a lot of that on producers. Like happy hours at. Have lots of flu wouldn't. Mention. Every happy hour well it was Anthony or all of booze yet here I realize it's a lot of food and some boos specials. Now what are your thoughts on bringing kids to happy hour to him well it depends on the test if it's a place that kids come to eat anyway I I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Well mostly happy hour Chucky cheese I'm seeing you and your a bar you worked all week greats but if you're going to that you go Obama beat I have got to escape your kids rule but certain places allow children to companies so I think that you have to expect that if you're gonna go to like what Applebee's or things like outward there's always kids their. That makes sense but I wouldn't taken to the dive bar. They're ego that. I'm Hillary. Greg Jenkins Greg. Pretend to play pool a puff up. At the mere. Thought I was on. Hoping and pondering. Where we find those videos Bruce's death I doubted these FaceBook being weirdo don't gain thoughts here. The cameras routinely plays he can zoom.