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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the and it comes San Diego radio stations and Gary late. That a child is seriously ill it takes a told on the parents and families that child. It can affect them emotionally financially and legally the professional alliance for children. Is a local charity made up of local attorneys and financial professionals. Who provides free legal and financial advice to families caring for a sick or injured child. Joining us today as professional alliance for children president executive director and co-founder Jim dale and chairman of the board and co-founder. John buyer welcome Jim welcome jump. Thank you think you'd see at a both be against it why don't mean. Couple years living since you've been on the show we didn't give him his face masters room. That's right back question that's right so. Now let's let's assume some back information on the professional alliance for children went into the organization for start. Both started back in 2011. When and we weren't looking to help families of seriously ill children. And that was what what is the mission and of professional lines for children. Well the mission is to help. Families of seriously ill children with legal and financial assistant in when you see seriously ill what determines. Seriously ill child ministers after the terminal illness know to look through terminal but it's typically there in the hospital. Or they're having serious financial difficulties serious legal problems related to there care. So. Today. You know even they can't work or they can't. Do their normal activities because. Stanley's. The kids really sick and and needs a lot of help him to ever come up with a good definition of a we are committed oil route and that's that's. More or less is somebody that's a kid that's possible for about a lengthy stay. Brad autumn where I've take some American cancer we've got them. The autoimmune illnesses like cystic fibrosis. Receive gimmick UV hiatus. Partisanship it's hard in fact there was some of the first programs are transplants. Are her terms firms. Most of them come from ready Children's Hospital we get some from other places. Like the naval medical senator which I think he's probably thing. Which it has tried net they refer to it and re usually the social workers are ready children's hospitals where the majority of our cases come from. Pocono what you guys that founders of professional alliance for children what prompted you or motivated you guys to start an organization like this. Well Jim and I crossed paths a lot because we were oh he's doing some sort of pro Bono work. But back in 2007. My daughter was severely ill and I start to learn firsthand what families go for a when their child is seriously ill takes over your whole life and disrupts everything that your. Currently do and really can turn your life upside down so Jim and I started talking about that who's helping these families and what can we do to help. And that's where it all started so you guys didn't you just look grossing pay as in in. And in your question certified financial planner houses are different for an entrepreneur and also an attorney. I would do stuff with the senator Ken and bar association. And and legal paperwork and and I was dependent figure with the financial planners are doing so that's kind of why. You went to Johnson and what can we combined. Together we can take the attorneys and and the financial planners and CPAs. And see how we can holistic we look at a family. There's a lot of times we have messrs. Leo child financial issues coming to play and that's where I was I had to undergo an affair with us from our calendar there. The legal side a lot of it's working worth to get the child. First of all we look at to their health insurance somatic now. SSI. How would be second to get them and come or other programs out there right calf fees and cash assistance program for immigrants. In home supportive services to get say a single mom got an a sick child to get her paid to take care of the 2000 Charles does it end up enough. Institution our hospital something like that so first of all. If the child health care primarily dramatic now and then second of all look at the economic issues and get them some income so they don't pick it out of their parliament after Fred. Right as did it takes its hole and you've got to child to hospital for for a lengthy period of time and it it's not just told on. Finances there and minutes and emotional. Roller coaster for them as well I think absolutely. It really does turn people's lives upside down. No other times it's so stressful on a family we see one of the parents leave the situation because majors can handle and after awhile especially if something. Wingers arm for example leukemia treatments I think goes on six years on average America. So it's a big strain and nearest hospital maybe couple times a week. Some of whom come from imperial valley over a year and other places to go to ready tones hospitals or you can imagine trying to drive over. You know a couple of times a week reach out or maybe even more. Right now engine and you as you mentioned you're an attorney. Yes but what field of practice. Well I current children who are never heard of children's low when I was in Moscow which I thought it was kind of strange I used to be an elder law attorney. And when I found there was going to have a family and maybe. One of the two. Need to go to nursing home so that turning such as I as an elder law attorney would step in and qualify them dramatic now. Medicare and interstates I practiced and so this was a family it's gonna have their lifetime. Soon to have some resources and build up their assets where you have a seriously ill child it's a new family and they don't have time to build up their resources. So I was an overwrought and there was money to pay me as an attorney and and help them again America own power for the children there's no money and pay an attorney. To get them to help them to get on medic often about how or other programs SS remember a southerner. Social programs out there forum that sometimes are very complicated. And yet. So I looked and I said where have we need people work and on the end where there's no money to pay the attorneys and that's why we form maturity. And other other reasons John mentioned you know when his daughter. And his experience how long you've been an attorney or as progressive man carries and then nine the defense. Here OK humanity. An end you're you're also the executive director. Yeah professional alliance for children when he started an organization pretty much bidders are from where you pretend it's a little. Good for the judge determine the boards feel like I'm talking to Frank Sinatra you found offensive but just kind of you are. Financial. Advisor and certified financial planner that I am. And how long you've been doing that I'm doing that for about fifteen years now. And a financial planner. Is it is is that kind of the same as as an advisor or. Let's what's the difference well EMT terms really overlap financial advisors a lot of times there. Considered being investment guys. Financial planners try to look at everything look at taxes insurance and look at estate planning and kind of overlaps a lot of times with. What do attorneys are doing with helping their clients look at their state planning and look at the taxes and things like. Now now you mentioned. It's it's attorneys in and financial planners and advisors that are helping. It professional lines for children how people do you have on your embassy staff because nobody's. No he changes from week to week we have a core. And say about twenty people that provided most of the services. And we have a board of and his unborn six excellent fan there we knew Netherlands or Renault. Get into fights and we're gonna have measurement. Flew all the volunteers no paid staff. And sometimes you know we communicate with a couple hundred people but usually around them in a handful you know provide most of services. And and that Jimmy are here also pilot object recognition. Alan you've been flying. If Stephen martyr and mentoring 1988. Helped eliminate VS. Then you deal. Do fights for the professional. Allows children I've prime lifeline humanitarian missions for Angel flight west are based in Santa Monica California however sometimes emissions over elaborate or give an example we had. A childhood cancer and who was in the hospital and every tones hospital. And her mother had her views taken away at the border and Plaxico. So we needed to monitor now be with a child in a while she was fear of British Jones hospitals are we flew over to. Courts are Conan went to the border there to get her humanitarian parole so she could come across and we flew over to the hospital to be women account for sometimes overlap. And and now the lawyers that your end of the alliance. I'm you mentioned helping families with insurance what are some of the other things that you are doing to help these families get through this tough time. It's mainly. Again you know give him health care refers that to become easier with obamacare as I don't want that to go away because things have gotten much better. And easier because they don't look at assets anymore under barometers are resisting incomes of us there's lot quicker blocks cleaner. And also in California like California because of more friendly to the immigrants here answers your challenge now. As long as their resident here in California which diseases significantly wanna tax people's orbiter for real it's easy to get residency. For these children you can get them on account other states and not so good you know and they don't have those programs so I'm happy here. And that's been the last couple years has gotten a lot of you have matter Carol. Sometimes you see the social services are right for example SSI supplemental security income. And that would be to get the famous cement comes to religion I've got to be at the hospital so much as tentative brought them lose their job. Or they have to take a vacation to care for counseling he didn't come to comment. Are some of them just have to take care of their child my fifth cystic fibrosis and of improvements throughout the day so it's hard to do a full time job. Especially for a single mom or dad. So we work around you know the health care side and that we work from the income side and sometimes we work on immigration side Richard kind of surprised we're kind of I guess for mr. restarted our Bruce Carroll that interferes like for example of the mama got stuck in Mexico considered child. We've liked them doctoral program deferred action for childhood arrivals. Which we can use dark Arab proof car which is currently residing on a caller who lost status. In order to get them health care Matt Carroll in Durham. So we've liked those programs we don't wanna see a doctor or go away and it's a deferred action for tone of arrival. Which is maybe under threat right now but that's been great for the kids. And that allows them when they turned when he won they Asia what's called California children's services. Which used to take care of the immigrant children meta Calvin but California. Had that program but they were losers when they wanted to have nothing. So we work sometimes rules. Groups like concert core new year men are others you your rise to help people get status here of my looper residents so they too can do it meant account. Even after they turn 21 so we run quite a gambler. Things on the legal side. And it DC much much in the way bankruptcy as a result of these situations. Unfortunately we do know or at least some situation bad enough to warrant bankruptcy. Now that's not always what we advise people that are going through tough times to do but when it comes up in the conversation for sheer. And on your end of things the financial and of course bankruptcy is is something that you deal with but some of the other. Issues. And a situation suggest that your your helping families with well in a lot of times they just have a lot of bills that they're struggling to paying. Maybe it's a two income household maybe that one of them had to give up. Working and so they just don't have an income coming in anymore so there income is low the bills there are mounting. And they don't have the time to concentrate on these things they're busy trying to take care of the child. Any examples and you've got did that some of them have families that you've helped give it give us a better understanding is as to what is it you guys do there. Well you know we've helped whiff when. Mom and dad. Are trying to deal with a child's illness there. Not able to work as much as they kernel or even work as well in their job as they couldn't their employer wasn't being too sympathetic. And was maybe China edged him out the door 'cause they wanna you know get him somebody more productive in that seat and so. We've talked to the employer and trying to you know represent. The mom the dad. With the you know with their rights are as an employee and make sure that they're getting that representation they deserve. Went to Atlanta relates Philly when this is right and we spent about. Where an employer was not allowing a dead to go to do heart transplants. Have their child. And he was working an auto shop at a parts departments so John and I gotten our current felt like hell like The Blues Brothers go amounted to me was his fifth season. To basically allow us this father you have to do with the child you know during our heart transplant or serious or procedures. So sometime receive some pretty moan moan from post stuff. This kind of a simple. Valerie situation that I improvement in the show could have prevented and it's a what do you think commitment. And that was the monitor over are actually Allison let them go to numbers this suns who threw. Yeah that now you again here that executive director and and urine. On the hunt now for new executive editor. I do that area officially. Everybody's been volunteer or professional alliance for children for the last five or six years. I'm doing the Angel flight missions announced Liam always trying to quit trying but I just can't kill the bugs are dependent or Mandarin lot's been concentrating on that primarily so I need to be replaced who were looked amount. With the people who we worked in the past a lot of murder younger attorneys. To replace me as executive director about that do we need to pay. Somebody because of even younger to visit to do they're legal bills are from Moscow and also on them have to have survived so. Were worked on in the board right now to raise the funds in order to hire an executive director replacement. Now somebody listening this morning no Sunday or is he in a situation where they could use some help they've got a child that's that's. Seriously you know what what's the process for them to to get a hold of you and what is the process and for Ben to get your assistance. Some one or answers the phone. And then my cow look at Kevin and all of my head to the house memo or to their home most of the time and meet with them and then come look at the big picture and usually I kind of take someone along. With me a financial person if I can preferably or another turning. And we meet with them and market everything that's going on it takes quite quite a day usually over now learned to get the big picture of the income from. The medical situation. What are they gonna need in the future. And what kind of social programs and they got so far when they signed up for. And we work through that and then we hadn't. We're not using it right now so much for we have a clever council where we get our attorneys together and financial planners and aboard. And look at each case and and people give ideas OK this is what we need to do in this place this is another organization might help out. So essentially is it's to contact me. Is anybody ever turn down. Well the weekend. Help everybody that comes to the door we do not think cases where there's suing. For medical malpractice. Because that would become a conflict of interest with work and whose social workers and hospital to provide us with the families that need help so we refer them out to a bar association other referral sources. If fifth sixth case of family law where we've got one. Is trying to get money out of the other spouse that type of thing we stay away from land make every kind of don't wanna get involved in the conflict there between. The parents so we'll refer them out to family law attorneys were not for family law. So we look we do some guardianship custodians ships. Lot of times we've taken a case and we try to figure out who can best tell the salmon and might be legal way to might be senator volunteer lawyers program. Concert coronary the other organizations. We don't primarily. The canal so reduced number triage I would call are there many emergency cases that she can't. There had to run there was young woman I think she was seven needed a heart transplant. But there were family issues and to get heard transpire your first of all afternoon in my heart transplant list so they're looking at him. The family support this heart that this child is going to give I'm gonna take are they gonna get a two requirements. They have the income. And assembly was not qualifying to get her and heart transplant list rom and was until. The other one have legal issues outside of so. Basically a social workers who industry you know. At the time called us and says hey we need an emergency guardianship. For this child so this shall condemn my heart transplant so. I used to do guardianship recommended and wanna fractures are number monitors our current figure of sort Carl some young attorneys are just so lost Ramel marijuana. And we turned it around an item 24 hours recovered for terminator you know mr. Townsend jeopardy. You know me to meet with a judge now we went accord from tiger was you the day after the following day. We got to emerge a guardianship for another person to take care of the child. Ensues we did that we notified rage or just been home an airplane took. That girl to UCLA for the emergency heart transplant and so that was a really give them. Sounds like you guys said. Have a lot success with what you're doing this success rate is is pretty high we accomplishing what we need. Who handed hitting Bill Hemmer I'm and they are I think until it turns out the way it should be you know a child and a review unless we can't stop until it gets fixed essentially. So luckily we find people Oreo Ron tutor your owner step in and people are different expertise to help out. And then we track have been doing you know it turns out right through it a sick child so it was nothing less so it's acceptable. Right are you in in need of other professional students to join other financial advisors. We can our employers more. We probably one away a little bit to get to new executive director and who can spend more time my Thurman and and utilize them do their skills. And we hope to replace me with an executive directors rather soon I'll stay on the board and help train them and take some cases that we need. A paid position you know full time you know at this point. And they cannot open a wide open at it's not leaving no amount on definitely no bias no I like it too much I just want somebody. There is somebody younger a lot of energy you know could really take this forward it's time to transition from an all volunteer organization and to wonder where we've paid professionals. To take in these cases. This is a transition and and I'll stay around aboard delegate that to me in particular. That's what it is still be around to help out right exactly. We candor you know. If you see him. And and John you know you you talked a little bit about some of the things that you do on your end of the financial side. The health of budgeting at all. Well yeah that really comes up you know especially if some of these income has been reduced they're trying to pay the same bills but with less income. Trying to make that work budgeting can be a real. Help there and it's not fun. Lot of times not easy it's tough decisions in them but you work through it and you can come to a solution want to. And Andy help and in that Texas open them with their taxes. Yeah I mean we're not tax return prepares. What is actually know what can we could fail to notice it is the vote on the Texas that we give them. We yeah and we're not tax attorneys but you know tax rules come and everything you know if you were trying to pay your your bills and you have IRA account that you're trying to tapped yet to know the tax rules around that. Alleging get into trouble and so. Taxes always come up so it sounds like a lot of what you do. There are a lot of things it just kind of intertwined with the. Each other you know examples and attacks and would be obamacare now looks at income and one way to reduce your gross income is too. Make an IRA contribution. And that reduces the gross income and then that might qualify we had lung cancer patient like that we as that's easy on just make a contribution over an area networks are great because then they're sitting for a the future you know as well. Maybe to help pay for the kids college but also retirement for the parents because a lot of these families they can't save for retirement preserve everything goes through their Q and all that time goes to taking care of the child. Some of them we are Boren. With from my several calls and on this from their lifetime of taking care of those tomorrow. So that helps out. And the other thing we look at those special needs for us to go for OK and what happens when the parents are gone. Houses chow gonna continue on forward so we refer over to. Specialize attorneys or do special needs trust so there's hopefully money there. For the child in the future when they're adults and their parents are no longer around to take care of you guys working on any particular cases right now. You have basically we've got cases outstanding. SSI appeals take upwards of two years that's 1 reason why am I need to be replaced a fulltime person to watch cases that take over to your house you know on appeal. I like the admin account cases better because about. May be in a month you can get to administrative law judge in kind of give him fix a problem and get out. But SS I finished your carry on for a long time. But we've got cases that are outstanding airmen of the social workers have an emergency for example of somebody gets time off from out of town we had a care of your head you VI dissident. The father got stuck in Mexico though going to a funeral for. A brother and and therefore. They didn't show up roe V interview for Matt account. Because there was nobody to address anymore and got cut off ago lost his vice we stepped into emergency appeal so therefore you got Medicare restoring him and a local hospital would treat the child. And is there any kind of funding that she yet. Firm for the alliance outside of individuals donating the board donates Johns for over the biggest contributors are we appreciate. And we've have the senator amber foundation and Davis a small grand that pays for insurance our primary expenses insurance and to protect the attorneys and I'm financial professionals who work on these cases. And that. Browns about 5000 a year. Outside we got a couple of computer programs are used to attack the case has been we've. I'd say one of the most efficient charities in the world because maybe one to 2% of her from this from a stronger insurance you know word and everything else goes directly into the programs. Which were there working Ramon launch of professionals is next and I think it's just their time so I value time more than revive money. We didn't wanna start this indoor and spend our time raising funds because then you're not helping the children so as we transition to. Where we have paid employees. And executive director room have to do more no bored that's their job essentially. Or why are professional to raise funds to pay you the people who are doing the work. So we're just in the transition phase as we mature in China used to have here here. The only games this show the end of the ambulance JS and as we appreciate your help on that there was one here. When viewing done out there and robes in a minute helicopter out there and people run after him so we we we enjoy them that took away from now from the kids who are kind of shut them down we spent a lot of time they're trying to get people are Paramount to the race and Bryant and it wasn't that efficient so now we've we're probably government programs. Hopefully found when we took our sugar daddy you're so from my failure comes observe area on his sponsorship for your our executive director of law firm that type and so I think part of the primary run enters raising money as you look at a group of attorneys and you expect well Leo got money so therefore are gonna allow what I didn't money. That type of thing but we're all volunteers are. And the attorneys and work refer probably work and I don't know fifty Aaron weaker more you know there are no jobs and and they come out you know on the side you know to help. Healthy yet to so many sugar daddies out. It's the right. And they they get the point I've ever entered her mom has to Rivera here a room as good memories there. So before we wrapup you did mention. That you fly with us. Angel flight west yes and we'll kind of a little side thing here you know not really. Written pertinent aura relatable to professional lines of Joba. But it's all about humanitarian efforts with Rafa you're flying right. Yeah. I've been finally consensus in 1988 through in the navy and they're corporate and airline type thing deployed frightens a lot of different things but what I found is a lot of times bigger. And get I've overcome a hundred dollar and murdered him burning gas and that's what a lot of people do in GA sometimes they go a nice vacation message that's better. But it just it's fun but now that rewarding so I got into an Angel flight west and a friend in Atlanta to order. Who introduced me to have amassed well this is fun because you're taking your skills in doing something good rhythm it's a lot of fun and it's very rewarding. Paris Lyon with this. Seven Euro he's deaf to there'd come a notary Children's Hospital try to get cochlear implants form. We're flying back and of course ago when I do this non aerobatics maneuver. The slowdown have put the flaps and their plans it's fun little bit like a roller coaster and he was this agreement have for been couldn't here's his record here miracle and radios and annoying that I was great you have such a great time. Is my mother so pleased but yeah. OK it was fun. That's why do and it's it's rewarding him he gets kids from one place and sometimes adults to the hospital. Bring it ago. In Afghanistan you working on setting a record for the number of humanitarian flights and fifty. Well that's just for fun and I like to have goals and keep track of things and I give me some motivation to do resist them. Right now Stephen Vance is the record or is it over a thousand Angel flight west missions around them. I think have their maybe since she's sort of 930 years ago yeah I'm gonna give me is on the do we didn't have trouble. So and if somebody beats me and wants to come on and if it were me on the better and more flights inbound guy and I go up their level playing run this thing when aviation I started it's it's basically humanitarian flight facilitator and also flight school. And silicon everybody on the team wobble things women just half front office you know penguins had the Reagan accuse another little thing when things that they single item in this highlight of prime more than they do but they humor me. Felt like it or just bad at a time. If somebody listening this morning is in arrested in in your services what should they do what's the first thing they should do. Facto social worker first and then. Have the social worker probably don't recognize this and I'm making just on the 858349441. Okay and and dude see if we can now found how we can. Okay and some loss may donation may do that that you have side as they can hit in broad alliance dot Ford. And your social media on FaceBook here professional lines for children when Jim John. Thank you for being on the show always a pleasure seeing you experience. And animals and maybe you know maybe we you know download down the road to start do some fundraising events from the front of him too soon to America can room look good look to do that against them. Again facing you guys and they have and the children you do what you don't know their professional life for children. Think there. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on the good veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views. The staff and management of the and a count San Diego radio stations. Episodes of living veterans San Diego are available on the station's website. Join me next week when my guess will be from star pal a local nonprofit empowering underserved and at miscue. Until then I'm Gary they have a great week.