Producer Steph's Troll Doll Collection

Thursday, September 14th


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It's deaths troll doll collection is alive and well and living in suburban. Milwaukee. Stunts and Viagra for the country. Hit it amounts or is there it's you know that the issue I grew up then yeah. And that's why your troll dolls alive Awami troll dolls that we I didn't do you know that seven controlled oil collection it doesn't surprise me they they were very popular in the sixties and seventies and anyone away for awhile on the they made a resurgence in the ninety's also I do know this because girls had him. A brilliant guy you're busy playing Batman in this afternoon gee I guess you know rain getting an exit from your skateboard you have that's on a fetus that is true I'm posting FaceBook is a grammar an offer throw back Thursday from. Because. Posey was the photos natural I'll collection you have pictures of. Of course you do why wouldn't she I her mom's something so she could see that they're still taking hero beautiful view askew nominally feed controlled I'll still in the talked nobly she needs to dust them. San Diego's number one for new country KS so I don't giants in the in the morning all right 61957. Known number 1973. C troll balls Kathy stars Colin Kathy troll dolls. Throw the whole yeah I'll when I was a kid they were all the rage and and I guess I'm sure it got we can't let me get a pile on here at a crazy colored cotton here. And up all my friend Adam tablet but there are calm controlled all packed that there are. And an elk island back you know and so. A ball twilight I called them they dull end only recently has. In retrospect it occurred to me that my mother just called that they give a damn. Most. That I wouldn't that doctor and and yet when I don't get outs they'll let it and I haven't got the but we only column evident in my about Al. That's hilarious I are making a comeback say Dixie and target they had PG amateur now patrolled all grumbles movie. Olson and I hate anything Cuban T. Yeah I'm going to make it would never had closed. My age that's what might or two we've ever seen that to producer stuff. On that weeded how all these outfits are like occupation is just like a couple of different kinds met with that and Steffi or your troll dolls have all kind of different wardrobe accessories do then they're try owls that have clothes on that might want to stress as a mirrors one of the doctor yeah. They're not naked eye candy. What we like it. Your damn naked now I'm. And that. That is not funny what you thought they were cause that's what's your mother's and only eight that's great political candidate can't eat sales worth anything that's and I'm hoping and I still and not welcome apple and apology is wonderful and a memory of her or troll dolls. Which is legal as a witness can do things you can make money off it.