Producer Steph's Mom Is Not Happy

Tuesday, December 5th


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It turns offers his stuff is gonna caller mom right now until she's not getting a Christmas card from her. Programmed her daughter and her three grandchildren we have studies and French as she even seen her youngest grand Sallyann. Yes she has. But now stand easily yourself because I'm very nervous during this is a Christmas tradition I am ending and I'm telling my mom it's all about traditions isn't going to be also. I'm thinking snack it's. A look in the San Diego's number one for new country 1037. KS ON. I'm so nervous because. She might yell and even though I'm 34 yourself toy nor should any impact at an acute totally Willy. Good morning Bruce just asked mom Chris. I'm glad you're in good mood. Because maybe maybe it. Won't get to yell at your daughter as much as it would if you're not in good mood for producer staff has something she's confessed you are you ready. Well love her arms Lang. Let's start this up by saying she's not pregnant again a pop up right right Seth. Well remember my husband got some OK so we'll lover Christmas tradition he raised done traditions and keeping that tradition going through our family now but. I have to announce I will not doing the Christmas card for the first time in my life. We know Paulus with the disappointments that it could. Right because everything that face but nowadays in everybody's on FaceBook seems seen all the photos I shared a photo of Santa with all three babies I said here's the Christmas card and enjoy it I'll feel when I'm back it was got it. You aren't so bad because I keep dat da saying what you would mail him at the picture and I put it. It would make it lets them at the end of the need panic out to all my card and I pull out other older spent in my old mind. Old school photo album. I have pictures of your family what it looked like a closer look like you're seeing and. Especially. The kids seeing Santa Stephanie you put them in an album you are like most you'll stick them on the fridge and at the end of the season they are more rules but he. You've never thrown away a photo card we oh have you ever totally a FaceBook pulse to the top you're getting this year. What have you all OT I still are and print out that photo it's excessive B I'll I might think that pays. I'm not gonna do it that's not what I'm glad they're doing you know it and I'm ever going door and I'm not going to be com. Modern and I eight. Let me open minded and a half I. (%expletive) up stuff how in the world you possibly think Noel. I now well I was hoping maybe not because I'm seeing you in person for Chris now. And you are so people you know you're turning more every year after all Courtney lord you're acting out more in March and this is what I want going to be now. All day. Are there good human being and then try to. Could the thing everybody does. A bit don't you don't consider their age. Good to me and. Oh yeah there ego says just get all picture here's entry here's the stocky now know that person deal. A pop out go to church. I'm. Not we call on the shelves OC I'm getting rid of maturity issue in the new rule on the health. You're not sleeping that well there on the current. Web security hole I heard that it in ninety and provoke thought it excerpt from Kurt and. I well can we. Well also met up. Up as far as your mom taking it well I'm assuming printing one foreigners god bless us everyone and I will kill you. I really got to do stuff I do. Tired. I. Wrote. A you shamed her into it Cruz good job that's how history as if into it Killian told him. And I cannot. You bet your. Yeah. I'll love you soon get micro skirts and by the way. So were rotting cars and a right not a whole lot no I elitist or Michael. Doesn't work for me.