Producer Steph Trick-or-Treats with the Kids

Wednesday, November 1st


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All right Bruce is depth not one not two but three children to trick or treat with knowledge no clear. I can only have Turkish he would like carrots period but didn't answer right she was a little game is so cursor is Halloween Seattle public and and went to my first neighborhood block party of course had asked the parents. Kids into the candy after trick or treating him. All right that they are and Ellen neighbor Kelsey. Talk with a pair of about what happens with the kids trick or treat candy after it gets to your house itself. It's very similar to be out on the shelf but it's called the switch switch. And switch which comes about. A week before Halloween. It's a little stuffed in a mall and she arrives honor encounter OK to Ken. Make the kids start thinking and she's come and we read the book if she comes let me. And now and on Halloween that ain't that the kids that there can be out they get to keep harmony keys is. Of their age although my sense I can't say it's to keep fat he says. Interest is a really nice woman but five pieces of candy for Caroline. Five and I I would go through five before I got my second house of weights and hear what happens all right aren't remembered and honored and imprisonment and. Knee is a choice to either. Keep all or hit a fat piece this. Or give it to the strict action and in this switch switch switch as the candy with a little treat OK so he he doesn't have the option keep his can't yes all right okay to even back a wonderful mother to him Kelsey yet skills to work again. But we'll have to learn. And it's probably mature way or something that they can hang in this car is still the whole look at it Kenny comes home at the switch switch. Get a whole bucket a kid except IP this roster he's tiger Phil and then they get a really cool toys in return absolutely. That it. At Seattle last year by outside and what he's really going to do with that bucket of candidates are there any bad. RI exam and find out what he's gonna say John thinks he's gonna over the hole but I. Corzine. A parent I know what's going to iron out. Never crossed party but it did tonight in your pocket a candy tell me seeing it for a split two runs and kind of he's been brainwashed. Yeah lot. Well Eddie and then what happens when you give it to the switch which what do you get every terror and Tulane what kind of toy clamored to plainly lying woo what toyed EU want to cross. I ain't. I mean yeah big cat. That's good and what about you. And he proceeded to keep my pieces candy what he needed to keep putting your favorites. Initially the captain Kyle Arnold I can't. And then the switch which is gonna come and give you roll this. All seems unused and they're all army. And what's your email address to witness the ending and then knowing anything while great Jack T did and prosperity you can't mankind and our own. You and ask him. In America alpha shield from what I. I. Yeah poisonous yet not go to my kids yeah I never heard of it either Obama is this is Bryce Bryce was users of the fire fighter against him prices are enjoying is following today. Home they are ready for me. They eat that too much candy. Yeah. Amy and home home isn't going to make one quick look at call me that triggered street he honor. I think the only hole. There aren't happy yeah. A great publicity in Geneva has hidden immunity. And I Anemia AV he became a little Mary and I he hurts we went three blocks. Why in the course you're like yeah yeah. God like power there's one factor. Keep in mind missed and at least elbows Della factor and love of the middle child Stella who by the way eats everything from heavy amazing she unwrapped the can't let's see what he thinks about brother and wanted to sister home after his three measly blocks. Who know me and I have had a allergies weren't. That stricker cheery all that was she's an unknown then yeah. And that was the guy I can't let them know before jetting sugar yeah. Concede that. Your seat is if you ever been as excited about eighteen your life as a kid is about Halloween listen to her all. And could not gonna miss them up. That's great.