Producer Steph Pays Up After Losing Shower Idol

Thursday, December 14th


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We did this earlier this week. And it was neat Christmas. Song version part two. Bruce's staff we had Jasper the elves unseen world as our broad celebrity judge who well and didn't think much about music. He is harsh critic anyway and baby Claire was sleeping so I'd be kind of quiet when I was in the hour in the morning to you wanna wake the baby yeah. Okay. It's how little all of and you actually you know what when your quieter year. You you don't go selloff tune studies. It led to it but I prefer more I mean it makes me think I went recruitment issues because our beat them what I just. Yeah. Chester was all snap about. You I believe allowed a shower in the world. And you couldn't hear a word viewers and then didn't. Ask your waning ironed. Out. IOC lush our items anyone to Jimmy at the door on in the senate we would challenge I did I said staffed when you are in the grocery story any story you have to sing your purchases as you put them up on. Two. Woody Colin thank Dick for mayor the mayor Mel thank you are that was a good challenge to AME I was so nervous you are and where are you. As ever else crowd I mean obviously it's crowded yeah. Are you will be IE. UR and anybody who of what you're doing now I just simple or. I'm pretty impressed by those heroes weren't. RA we got it it's all looking so Miller eight what's. They've got their bank. EE and I got some that he is so you have singing I don't know how to sing like I had we knew that song and. He has died at a single parent I got a twelve pack of Miller allied. The idea all right we know that here a champ of shower right I'm not merit that Tibetans. And some sausage. And that she's a law. What else we have some key. Gum wheat thin then some correct here. That is they can shoot would be doing what he's doing now she's she's good she does he go on my he's leaning out of miles yeah thank you treat your everyday and maybe I don't. And I big league match and I thought I'm done. Singing. And yeah EU. Then. Yeah yeah. It was like why she's digging in mice the hour how are you guys yeah isn't so half and he do you use any and joy and Jordan whom they. Well on seeing like well I ever got from people like customer was a cashier that it is that you use she made her happy is what you. Did some it was all sing a little bit more on our shot into the can't hear me into a movie could you share this weather. RA we gotta solve the case of Miller when. I did and I okay. I would not want. Out of wanted to do that. I would not have wanted to do. And holding my phone to record wallet pretty might appear Republican Bayer not only here. Individually says there wasn't a problem but they are now that you are from Wisconsin here's my Miller Lite my sausage in my cheese roll. The longest. My law are the and as job well done that's that's gonna be good for you any spread some joy to.