Producer Jessica Updates Us From Comic Con Day 2!

Friday, July 20th


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If you not a Brad Paisley you're probably like parties are just too with that come decline. And of course injured on their we got to Portugal were well I am. Kelly well actually should call captain Scott hello captain. Hello OK guys I've rap about who's captain has much. I don't know either. Watch Star Wars movies you know I did the basics literally be the big Silverstone trooper. Hole let's cool college students might know the names are okay I'm disappointed yeah decree was bernese. Oh. And the captain got mad can I ask him. Steve that this whole thing the tape and many lives and money lives and well it's it's an expanding project so it didn't ever really be finished but my starting it was about a thousand dollars. She started yeah. She that that means she spent a lot more than a thousand dollars on this constantly falling out and obviously it looks it or you could you wouldn't Avastin the first place great pain easing insane and it she says it is an expanding project there's still stuff that want she wants to add to do it please tell leave never spent over a thousand dollars or custom. Now think I think about it and I'm not voice your thing it's your thing that I know it. I just I right now is the time element in federal spending and on darling I shame when a guy. Holy Moly is and so why captain that's. Because she's also. And worst stipulation that all aircraft had as a tall lady that kind of gets me is something that I didn't have a kid which was someone like me. To see the big screen and it kind of theft counts. That's the best answer I've ever heard. You don't like is there were a whole role models for a whole girl growing up and she is tall she's like 62. Tonioli. That's an assistive out of a so called because my mother was Tallinn she always kind of slow Chile and I know your mother was told what we're sisters so to my sister six foot yeah I've while one of my sister's a 646 foot in her hair is even bigger check and I. I either. I crazies. Welcome at Montgomery I'm I'm from Oregon. Some how many years have you been going to hit comic con. This is struck six. Tonight. Every six IC that's hard to view of all the times you've been to comment on what is the most you've spent on one item content on. Ooh that's a good question. I think about a book box for a. 150 dollars what is a book box. Yeah like a box set up a book has all got any of us favorite novel dog and cat. Elegantly a boxed edition of the potter series for example half and kept. Did you ever tell you guys by the way that mice is not my sister's new husband butch. His answer was the illustrator for all the Harry Potter books. I swear to god I just saw that up. At their house is framed Harry Potter time magazine cover that he signed for them does this yeah. And well she's like to talk about because she is like to talk about it much but it's legit. She is the illustrator she's here this week and they're doing a big panel plant immediately to the point anniversary welcome and am asking right now she's here and I say back at comic con when he back at comic con not to ask. Well we usually tonight Bryant and virtually and it skipped it and gone back Saturday all day and I see some stuff I'm really excited and just make sure your rest read dressed and now you have this kid's gonna make sure it and he Abbott you'll wc was kicking allies yesterday because he loves comic con to repair.