Producer Jessica Takes A Baby Basics Class With Her Boyfriend!

Friday, June 22nd


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It has changed so much now from my first baby in to what happens now. I didn't have a campaigning classic and the only class that they had with my oldest daughter and I can remember might have been Hamas. But that was it. They could be considered baby class nowadays well that's the Lieber coaching it's not for after the baby it's hard to deliver the baby so I I don't remember having any kind of class. What kind of classes and this is a problem is class this is different this is baby class this is. Baby basics pocket or are they teaching college aged diaper heart what he would how to change a diaper when you should Wear how many times should proceed. What could be you'll look like when it comes out it was a half hour clock isn't immediately. Are you ladies or girls. Ice with kids and because. I realized at one point that I've never seen my boyfriend hold a baby. All or I don't know he p.s ever changed at right. Now so it was definitely eye opening jets. And her boyfriend yet. In baby class a tough time. Beatty care basics. Had he routines and and yes. We're really glad we're taking this class right now we don't don't list the child of my dad's car hops and soon. It was just on Sunday night we'll give away best defense I dropped the baby doll. I drop the dollar change a diaper I yelled from the entire baby class. That won the head neck I was almost useless act as if right path right if that one problem it's a doll. There is completely. Guys are tactile people we've seen things we. If we feel plastic non responsive thing where I know it's a doll my actual baby. Potentially you could actually be would you do Ventura sure I don't know who doesn't have the wind didn't. Get cold the league's selected out of my had a new home. Okay. We're gonna hopefully we did. To wipe down on the front hands. Huge huge boost today Barack. Well if it's goofy celebrity wanna pull it out like that from the bottom number displayed them to leave it was basically it was here at all. I am has. God is pleased yeah I'm not a hot yeah that's dad all I want to lead paint Darby knew his own peace yeah OK yeah I'm that. My husband yesterday was watching compilation video of deaths changing diapers and they're all well. And going to be Jeff do you think all 100% he was looking at pictures that's the diapers and was going yeah. I would be dirty diaper duty I'm with a speaker dads everywhere and send it dads would change diapers. If it you're all its not as bad of a problem well some people still have a problem as he could find in this stated there is planning a dads who have op. Very very very weak stomach and they can't handle it. There's also played ads that are fine with that I do have to say it's always different when it's your own kid compared to somebody out actually and especially that god everything especially like a toddler we like. I just can't envision how much I. Well LSU and it lead to learn not to be pointing a finger lecturing but that's basically zeppelin doing right now. I don't know about you but you're gonna find out I I found out at least you love all children. Until you have your own in the new love your child in need to deal with everybody else. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. There venture out and he'll also also come to this realization that every kid is cute but not any key. As is as cute as yours I'll that I'm already thinking Ellis but it's true. And when that thinks that their kids Jeter there does wrong. They can keep the baby I should did you baby class right there that's all you need now. Cute kid everybody else Sox. Are Meretz.