Producer Jessica Is In Labor! Check In #2

Friday, August 24th


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Breaking baby news. A. And her producer desk is in the hospital in labor as we speed water broke while watching Jersey Shore last night which is going to be a great story for Walt when he gets older it. Forever attached to that genius show listen how dedicated she is George out pretty suggest is calling us from the labor room. Morning how are you saying it could I have cable where I'm gonna have to be very quiet because my nurse that just came and hurt me on the morning. And able to. Happy that I was calling cards and their neighbor where I watched it. I don't know I don't know who with a laugh out. All of a loud you know and Communist country this is the you can make any phone call you want for God's sake. I could be perpetrating aren't. Helping getting gravity to help that boy moved our own thing and getting some rabbit you probably will will will have you do it the pretty early analytical when they now. Pop pop pop. Up. I'd just you are mad just you re like do you think you get the baby out short. That. Kendall yeah was that table the husband has I used to use when I'm back yes the inversion Yankee pitcher and emerge they'll hang upside down okay carrot that's the wrong way Clinton right. Now I don't cough up Walt do we know okay. Either way. Let you know what would other respect the nurses who are heroes just I'm sure there are other things in her mind that they had nothing to do with us time. Army has annoyed by its analysts suggest it can't control okay well we'll all clustered together her as we're doing that lets ask some questions. While you're there and you're still having minor contractions. I didn't. I'm not somewhere but yeah. Okay Serio a contractual right now are you allowed to do anything I didn't really ask did live a life as normal while you're having contractions. They tell you debris. I mean it rock around yeah walking what you order pizza right now they'll have a pizza. Don't be serious. No no. Obstacle. He's made it you need it that way it's okay so how much walking have you done. Not much yet I think that we accept right Ashley got via bad back rocking chair and kind of rock and get him you know. The husband was the partner in this was he doing. You've got you want to look at them copy he was asleep for a couple hours. And jacket sleeve just get some food. Jesper always some video game senator Arlen get a massage he's have a great day at at at at. Yeah thank you glad I already got a second wait a second literally your husband just half a dozen posts is obviously you'd go out there are getting food. And I have a tough. Of course he's he's all right Dave Jarrett bloody street are. Clara he's on FaceBook live right now from the cafeteria hospital nice guy and it's pretty secure it and comment. Your wife needs chipped ice I don't have a.