Is Producer Jessica Getting Married?

Wednesday, June 13th


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On the very same morning Angeles brought you know Morris accounts of breaking baby news. I know. Here is newly pregnant right OK we although it just is pregnant and in your third trimester. But Jack said something very interesting. Almost in passing of Tammy I'm not sure you would have picked up at your very perceptive. Jets mistakenly called her boyfriend. Her husband. Jessica just at husband while talking about her boyfriend does and it's actually said she never get married right never because they rolled off you're talking as leaders say EE I tell you or sometimes a husband at. I don't meet again she said she's able depends on what your husband thinks an island precious like this is financed might as well me and my time. Wow she's deleted scenes mental called hero's yeah. As Bob meant I have to be honest I don't know that I. It's a live in thin. Word to describe conserve more than like boyfriend girlfriend curse you or your partner this. Your partners your life partner at reliant part of the perfect way of describing it to him. Without the tax break we thought I could I ask you a thorough that's totally true those numbers. Obama think you're making a gigantic mistake there are just many people if not maybe more. That think you're doing exactly the right thing in today's day and age so who knows. I. There's I never want to say never. Just not right well I was gonna say never thought I heard you just say husband number sure I'm never gonna say never. Newly married in two years what do you think about two years and it is the baby arrives at. In in my opinion is day. Listen and we're doing everything else anyway so not. Some library and several yeah you we are in Israel user. Well. Sorry for that to eat out is a thing that everyone is is bitter about love and marriage you I'm not bitter I'm just saying. Odds decision to not get married correct. I guess is this is already changed that's my point. Two months ago was yes for sure and I could really woke up and never say never heard. You all tell you that I'm gonna Wear you down but it's important that we all of that and have a lot of I keep your hands up. So are dying and no. You're a big announcement right now. At a huge mess with you on didn't judicious management Purdue last week that meant that actually called her. Let's listen we scholar now you actually we we we didn't did not only would be your birthday believe that they were also engaged on on the I don't know you don't and that's what the other girl that was the war always remind horrible she did he said just getting. Well how old she wanted to had a big problem the one who would lose her mind completely is his able to get Marion all his mom was. Begging yeah I'd hate to see the latest technology should have a baby without being married. Stick bash is watching the wedding ring that if she wants to know we're committed. That's I think the problem that they wanted to know that we really committed to each other and have just lifelong commitment to when the baby came she was kind. And goes up for for you to leverage on Iran and she'd have watched you guys together yet but you have light Saber fights and okay. You know you walk in role playing games with my annual is here in the first place and come out of the honest. You got a beat complementary guys are perfect for each other act I know more people who are married league who were not as property to our free job. That said that some of our business he should you be talking about the stimulus came to the given your heart in this up is very intrusive we do you wanna do OK you do you OK okay I think. I got your permission welcome that you got my blessing I don't let alone in the wild it is if you do get married. Pressure shifts day would that be nice. Wouldn't it be nice way to step in as his pardon me sir but let me just finish the walk and sorry at Johns got us I certainly got intrusive at all and I'm sure pop wouldn't understood. If you hit it. At least.