Preschoolers Make John's Fantasy Football Picks

Wednesday, October 18th


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Pretty step at a great idea to help improve my miserable fantasy football team this year which right now is two and four on the year. Union having preschoolers pick my roster. Yeah break couldn't do any worse right. Yeah. And I'm very poorly to I don't think in our yulia I was at this point when oil who's right and other game okay. All right here's a deal with very little or you. Get Hilltop preschool in way he or so adorable before it's your football picks. I would dare to talk about radio and it was I keep weeks I asked him what they want. To be when they grow of course you'd done this battle and links but are man. Well what do you wanna be as a (%expletive) Attack only that that day it. Yet officer. When I Latin little. It. You can't get are you going to be up pirated. And looking over your what's your debit and a sand bunkers and except what kind of food do you want to make halt and INS and this can't be. You know four and five year old and of course trying to keep their attention was a little difficult out so before I ask them to help you out John in your fantasy football team. Ryder Pattinson goes on both of all let him. Nice. I RMBS territory and I am being and a man of faith forum and punched me like a first or me. And then boom. Her like a plane full. Learn yeah hey even look like it's. Manolo songs we played. Only two days due to not a scene from producers of content wrong. Maybe I'm pretty go and it was already come. Kill that good Rihanna Riley's name writer writer an awesome job lighter I love that they have yeah. Are right now back to business and he's not my fantasy team is young kids do. And here's I'm. Everybody give brighter around a lot. And now just to reiterate John these are pre schoolers picking your players and please. Don't kids. Experience that they do something that you look and listen I just a couple of the players again at this point I don't have much to look at our. First college. Shannon Travis you're gonna help me out here okay how are you ready. Okay so Jack has complained Cam Newton who's been really hot lately. Horse to beat Furyk Philip Rivers and Canada are Philip Rivers yeah. You can. Eat. On the plane or it got them here. And getting. As the only candidate senator. So we're looking more and big meet. I hear me okay who sheepish teen. Am OK why can't. Can't be thankful her and tell your favorite okay. And what's your. Hi Alex. Now Keenan Allen plays for that very tough Denver Broncos. No he doesn't always every notes Iran only in Allen is playing against. I'm very tough on our front line up this doesn't go around. Plays for the fake chargers and all OK I met him a anyway this strike and that's okay I effect is answered my car. But he's been beat up benching him for either Jarvis Landry. From the don't then it's. Bart Taylor Gabriel from the Al in. Fact garbage guy is okay. The extra help the big giants tee this week we'll see Ellie doesn't fancy football. I think yeah I love. And they don't Jarvis I want. Maybe that could mean who's and you are Jarvis Landry is a wide receiver for the Miami dolphin welcome Amazon bench can ill because Denver secondary and it's often in down. He hasn't scored touched on it this you can only barely know I and that's crazy that was a go both those anyway are rarely a bad word plays yeah. How poor the regular Philip Rivers who plays Denver's Wilmington. But yeah good all right so I. Dedicate my victory Hilltop preschool are. Our victory and a writer of that awesome song. The football man then go to sleep on football ahead at that moment. The end of the book of.