Post-Oscars Recap with Nancy O'Dell

Monday, March 5th


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Getting complete Oscar coverage from Entertainment Tonight host Nancy O'Dell. Don't Nancy Tammy is not here today she's back it was got sent awaiting the birth of her brand name media. And Knight ES. Congratulations. You are California. Even more sorry Nancy you get me. Lillian. I want apparently get in any year. I. Believe yeah. It would be it wouldn't be an Oscar Monday if we were talking to entertainment tonight's Nancy O'Dell like him believe has time. Speak with a is getting ready for tonight's show on CBS. 7 o'clock Nancy good morning happy day after the Oscars. Thank you I am very tired and I got a couple thought they do that great. So nothing as far as upsets no big surprises no big quote unquote moments at least from what we saw last night what did you take out of the Oscars are. Bring it up practically everybody who won. Even expected that he might see you know what the accurate because of the Ortiz and I are kind of a lot awards show app. But they'd. Get an idea for the voters who a lot of people who vote for the other or Germany also look at the current tonight where he'd like to pick soccer on multiple it would happily. You know moments like the jet ski winner so we that can really count on the party adapter. We're like what acted like they or did you actually Whitney jet ski anybody actually want to get into it was for the short speech and by accident. That he was that they're speaking inning at something else you wanted to say people equipment that he popped and it. They talk at Q and you happen sort of teach you get elected jet ski. This is a really long show. So here's what we're gonna do. Not saying you shouldn't be a long speech but whoever gives the shortest speech tonight. We'll go homeway. Johnny tell what will win. Thank you Allan thank you Jeff Helen Mirren not a not a joke I will be time you have a stopwatch the moment you're handed down. That is. Genius is is is a morning show host I watched that bit quote on quote the Jimmy Kimmel did and I thought this is the way to loop everybody into the Oscars who don't care about the Oscars now we wanna see who is the just hits a brick it was a brat as a brilliant bit. Right really really Smart in the end. I have to tell yeah. I was at peace at the end yeah Oscars when they had that weird moment when that guy got cut off from an interview and speak all thinking was. You better show the jet ski guy because that's all I wanna see at this point I stayed up this long I wanna do that's a jet ski. Yeah I doubt it a very Smart. We can't expect it moments like Kobe Bryant bought quiet locker room and the topic right we're gonna get an Oscar. You don't really can't give up is actually a really emotional on the red carpet you're talking about big issues just so unexpected that never thought my life and be winning an Oscar. It makes me feel like a tremendous under achiever and he's won all those NBA championships and he can also win an Oscar is how come on really. I doubt yeah Matt. And like his trophy shelf. Nancy O'Dell from Entertainment Tonight is with us with her Oscar coverage one more thing before we ego Nancy I don't wanna sound caddie or or my body shaming anyway she performed here. Or bring up anybody's look I'm not it just seemed very won't. It seemed very weird. When the fabulously talented Jodie Foster and the Fed is a talented Jennifer Lawrence come out together. And Jennifer Lawrence looks like a giant next a tiny Jodie Foster is Jennifer Lawrence back all or is Jodie Foster that small. Now Leila. Let's get pulling height difference but I think part that was you know getting faster didn't he can't practice than in temple aren't Pollyanna ideal that payment card height difference there. She can't Wear heels with crutches right you can't obviously you can't Wear heels on crutches. Gotcha I. We're ill period it was gorgeous but the about the actors that look like an old woman allow market deals that I just wish they hurt. And then Saddam to complete Oscar coverage Entertainment Tonight 7 o'clock on CBS. Hopefully get some sleep after you're done working. Quality night I appreciate that needs to get it Pacquiao.