Please Help These San Diegans Find Their Heroes

Tuesday, October 3rd


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Today. In the aftermath of one of the worst days ever yesterday. We are trying to focus on positive stories acts of a heroics and strangers helping strangers here come with me their safety over here. It's really was gonna keep us going and keep us strong and show these bastards they cannot do this to us any longer. And that's what our show is about today he was in mourning in getting past this with John and Tammy I guess Selanne. And now also we are here to try to help find some some of those heroes themselves and listen to this great story. Good morning Laura Martin Ari. Well I'm thankful that you're talking to us. What do you think people so Laura you are looking for alms some people who helped choose some people you feel our heroes first and foremost describe them and what you know about them first. What I can tell you about them as that as you grandkids Tropicana looking shot I think the only people who opened their grim dark. Okay meaning you know or in other doors and no one knowing UN. Yeah we ran around the Tropicana. For quite awhile you know they are really have a procedure pretty in my -- o'clock adored this stat kind of shuffled around a room to room you know copper and that I met a lot so. We currently about that kind of broke off we went running down the corridors. And badly injured a specific court or my wife and I were at one man who shot two gentlemen at the other end. And we looked at each other on my recollection start waking people in we started knocking on doors how much and keep somebody. So horrifying. Yet but this lady she opened her door. And should let it all four and a cheap and coming here at my husband and I can can you barricaded the door and we stayed and held a police cleared a six hours later. Well six hours with strangers he never got their names. Now I mean you know we all energy I thought it went quite that between the tweet asks her. Hearing different information about when and where there might or might not be shooters that they try and I'd hunkering down in the dark behind the bed. Re all my gosh yes I came there are people's names on a daily basis and just in normal times I can't even imagine as time has stressed. So we're looking for someone who stayed at the Tropicana in use and that you ignore they were from. Or from Corona, California okay. And I think the leader remember what site. 53 trial were sixty to eighties were pretty sure that or the myself my boyfriend. Andy the other two gentlemen and their room and they keep a slaughter they get displaying kids you know they've made sure we. Needed anything we needed that. Had you guys stayed up all night together petrified yes segment on charger passing it around her the million. Keep in contact. I mean yes horrible experience but also. How one. Special thing to be apart I mean just the kindness of strangers you can share this firsthand story and thank god you can share the story alive. And it's because of him possibly because of these strangers right lucid comment. Absolutely and I wish he had been as a possible her husband had been there earlier left and a she had just gotten back went on search she left before after membership said before after the rain started. But yeah I mean many other people that front door go way yeah we're all hot to not let any match. She earned her scared I would tell us your two I mean final I've put myself on the opposite side of the door I'd be afraid that that was. That's always try to get in my room for nefarious reasons not because they truly need help. Absolutely but she took a while that's great so we're not mad at home while will share your story on air. We're also assured our FaceBook and maybe we can financing get a chance to thank him again. Yeah I know it's like to thank them any other gentleman that actually did connect but before we left Dermot the other GO. And I both Obama and they ought to let it elect them you know we Alex has yelled thank them. You know and its commitment on a take on the lunch or just a conversation share. Just to get a little more thanks and we what are we were you know locking out car everyone being up for twenty each to Howard at that point. Oh will do we can't we got tremendously big mouth its path talked about it. Obama will will spread the word as best we can this kind of needle in the haystack right now but who it is is the best go about doing it. Yeah we really like find they were glad your with us. Thank you I think yesterday how much it and a paramedic it's a hard thing and it really helped at people and share it.