Pi Day Pie Eating!

Wednesday, March 14th


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Friday is because today is march 3 off 143. Point 14. While numbers following is that the number for pot PI. Of course pizza pies savory pies sweet pies all pies represented today in most places have high special yeah throughout the day today. We had four wonderful different highs come in. And I as we we say it would put the best way to celebrate national ID. Billion a month surprised are our first contested our first wonderful pie baker would be Bob and as wonderful company the San Diego chicken pie shop and around for ever. And Ole while we tell why George. Listen to the Pacific University. I think what what what. Oh absolutely yeah. Have Bob. She's gotten maybe see you guys fully gravy. Things from scratch and can't wait to try and help botnets are being here but I. Angela yeah. I mean we're act. What fun we're. Wow. Yeah wow the. Well Bobby do good work they had an amazing about this thirtieth anniversary deluxe. And as a professor of lying lawyer also. Like I honestly I might better OK however thankfully. Not my fabulous. Even against judge to math professor from Wright is the Pacific University that was Bob. By the way he mentioned to them are known these guys mentioned nexus via. Pop pie company guy and in Stevens showed up they said to us that today is his Super Bowl and for them as far as how busy they're going to be. They're not gonna sell more pie than they do today national piety that amazing and now. Oh well I can't. Types of high fame ride we actually 30. 030. In my eyes. As far as reed army geez this is our staff name means we'll have our original reasons. That still rates for older guys time to TO and the everything Cleveland finally I had I had yeah. Sorry I had done all of these Turner's signature color press writers say you know I'm my. OK. Okay. David let. You're talking meetings are arranged. Them. I've played her so what would really love what they don't know here. This is the marriage. My mind. We'll roll on in there grant. Incidentally many members of. Met a lot is now. Lindsay and her friends and. My covered Tammy. Again all these guys are doing specials for national plot though Zack pot pie company how now we cannot have. Hi without pizza being represented in Italy they throw by example again give yourself a gigantic race that all the videos for the by the way are on the kiss when FaceBook page. Looking at what you brought. My theory me. I he's our veterans I don't. I'm. The big bad thing. Ma am why did. Am so wrong. Only big game where that event just saws and it's. Great great originally and honey. My fear part of the day other than the fact that we gave that great pizza. And pies was Tammy asking Long Island to Mike yeah where he was from yeah yeah. Bad. I'm just taken Mike in my head at anyway. All right now let's have a dessert this is brandy from the high joints. You know already that. Miles I'm very volatile. Was coconut cream. A lot savory pies and listen very excited. Much less beat by an. Cream is not just theater one of my teammates. I. Right in the laying out what does it always trying this suffering really. I'm laughing hey. Wow that's okay. Mean I had to do so fresh so proud. Couldn and the goodness. Wow me but yeah. Mind forget about the billing. The top things. But rating yet. This is unbelievable crossed yeah I saw. All right sometimes national I have. For a holiday like. Your holiday might do you know by the way is. 3114159265. Hi I may need Smart water. Tammy who is the opposite and Long Island Mike Green front. They Hutu the city the chicken pie shop Longwell Mike's pizza. Pop pie company. And the pie joint all do specials and international applied at this in by the was just huge raise for you they know job is it coming out your page this is.