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Wednesday, November 30th


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San Diego's number one for new country KSL and end KS so n.'s home for legendary country on. KS ON legendary country HD to look. Joining us today in studio while on the phone I should say star of stage and screen Pam Tillis how are you today. War war war former. I'm doing just fine I appreciate you taking the time to speak with a us today. Pam be out in San Diego at declined casino. On December 3 and fourth 8 PM part of the glitz and glamour tour now how is that going for yeah. Yes they've great. It. It spent so much fun that we knew it originally started out period and to for a couple years. And yet actuary and to actually hear. And is that county and then it's getting broken don't fix it. That drag and of course you know what Laurie at her own to schedule and I have my own to a schedule or talking about Lorrie Morgan on the Torre was well. But it Alec lemon we can get the for the glitz grammar Brit grit and earn him regular at. It's and it's easy one the flub up there I totally understand. So I also want to say happy belated Thanksgiving. Thank you thank you how your Thanksgiving. Very low key hole and very murky and a compartment that we can't believe even when he excitement yeah. You know here at home ninth and then they're caught. Oklahoma family man. Who could get and you know that's really what it's all about. You know it is. It has kept saying when that happened quote not how Palin can be get your holiday but yeah. It is not an end you know my work schedule allowed me to be how much that many Thanksgiving. Help lawyers you know in the home so they're especially. I'll. Yeah absolutely gotta love being around the family around the holidays. I'll tell you a little bit about your time with ABC's Nashville. Oh well well that would. You know retreat in India Kelli thanks to. I get to go into another world in the world of acting. And could not Hartford but not all but nonetheless it. You want to do the best quick wit what should you know what you put whatever your party is and not relaxed and you know saying you want to. Yet you know acting in his. They can't if they ended disbelief so you're pretending that now the ball higher real people and so I you know coming enact an exit. Laura say. Part time actor or you know yeah. Just didn't know where on the lip all of those other people you don't wanna eagle one to burst the fail yeah you what you gonna be really hear the audio throughout Q. And Cullen who the opportunity to learn from the people that are so great at what they do and I just don't get into that so much in. You know and they helped you in their very generous in that now. You know I don't I am sure that there. Cap that you know your story can have a lot of friends in in that we're all in your stories that are a nightmare. Yeah translation and television physical pressure in every episode got the million or two million some crazy like that mean that but boy that national cap. Our. They are Jules they are then ninety group of people and I can say that in all sincerity and actually collected every time of economic show. That's fantastic. I ask you for my own selfish reasons how is working with hate and can grant you know I love that girl in Kentucky. He actually the continent protection that the mailing that's great to hear. So I want to circle back obviously you're coming to town this weekend both Saturday and Sunday at the quad casino. Now what do people have to expect when they come to CU that's on. Well. What they can expect is. The first ever. Good grammar Christmas show. That we we done a little bit of Christmas you know it's a tiny bit but this year we're putting a little bit more. Correction to that I mean it meant that little bit deeper and and a you got to really become of our debut with that. We have great mediation and they're beautiful people and people my talent. And we love classic Christmas. A lot distillery. Could hurt the first part of the show will be some of our our you know hit the people requests and not be reported they go home not hearing. Munich recruitment and regular music. Church sentinel he let optic cable you ask well but I think it's going to be. You know it's special for action in and then Colin my theory that if you put your heart and soul into it and put into it still. Great Europe so great to the people. Amen you've got that right but not armed and they're Africa now. I like that a lot it was a were obviously looking forward to seeing you this weekend and I also understand you have some new music on the way. Yet. And it is did. From the net it's been. Frustrating year for me in terms have been able to meet this line. That we aren't really cool saying they can't I don't know if you know it at my. My dad is there enough. You know in the hospital and learning that lesson this last year. So there's a lot of room with my family. Then they need it need more than in the music business at. And you know. Well I've been able to go out and do performing. It's been hard here to get that record finished you know attempt money back. Am I playing my Christmas present to myself is going to be. You know of course getting news much family time a possible but also I think I'm gonna take advantage of not being on the road at the end of the year. And how they can studio and get back and finished. But what I have done so far who I just I just need a little bit more time and meant that every town and a you know and come back here early on me early and not. About a couple of tickets like that it might get out or eat. Are able whenever it's done you make sure you send me a copy okay. No got no problem rodeo recruitment. That sounds great on the in Florida that were all looking forward. To you joining us here in San Diego in alcohol and act. Acts a quad casino Saturday and Sunday both Showtime's are at 8 PM it's the grits and glamour torque. With Lorrie Morgan and of course Pam tells well thank you so much for your time. Rocket or he won't all right have a great one okay. Horton who thanks bye.